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    You have all day to get well. Seeya there.
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    Damn, that'd be fun but I have this death flu that's going around right now
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    Make sure you don't wear a JStew Jersey, you may get more than you bargained for Goph
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    Was going pretty strong until the final week. I was sitting with a teammate (Michael Cobb) in 8th overall out of 7200 teams in the FFPC until Gurley (who I didn't have on this team) went nuts and pushed me down to 24th overall finish. In the DFWC Electricrelish and I were in 2nd place overall out of 612 teams going into the final week but we fell down to 5th overall so no 2nd National Dynasty championship for us. Thanks for asking I do appreciate it. It looks like my run of greatness may have come to an end. I highly doubt I will ever be in the running to win another 6 figure contest going into the final day but if it ever happens again I will be sure to post on here another thread so everyone can follow as those 3 nights one in 2012, 2014 and 2015 were all very magical even the heart breaker when AJ Green failed to catch 1 stinking pass in the 2nd half.