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    Today is a big deal. All day football, New Years Eve parties and DUI CHECKPOINTS!!! Don't be stupid!! Please don't drink and drive people. Have a great Football Funday/New Years Eve Seeya next year!
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    Cheers guys. Let me know when you are up north.
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    Yeah, that's not a fun drive. At all.
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    Youre welcome guys...be sure to tune in next summer when i deliver my 3rd surefire fantasy gem of the year in a row....
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    You may have won this one, but the fantasy football gods will smite you for the rest of eternity.
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    Check out the cajones on this guy. Guess what, people can go where they want, do what they want, and say what they want as long as its within the rules of the forums. If you don't like it, maybe you should be the one to go elsewhere. Ever thought that your holier then though attitude may be the issue? YOU ARE NOT GOD HERE. For the rest ya Dak sucks, my heart bleeds, blah blah blah, tldr. Peace out!
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    What's up with having to click a heart to like someone's post? Kinda ghey.
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    I agree 100% with this. He definitely looked in over his head. He doesn't deserve a second chance elsewhere as a head coach.
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    Words have meanings, you cannot simply make up your own. Nobody else in this thread was defining owner that way. You could have saved a lot of back and forth by saying that before, or accepting my post where I said the owner isn't making decisions as understanding the situation. I may tend to nitpick stuff, but I don't think that's the case here. As for how to manage being a fan of a crappy team, well first off you were a Bronco fan a couple years ago when they won a SB right? And proably a fan 20 years ago when they won a couple more? I'd wrap myself in those memories, especially the more recent one since a lot of those talented players are still on the roster. I'd enjoy the good 4 years straight of 10 wins (2012-15), and 5 straight division titles. But really, I'd simply realize that my team isn't really that bad, and has had a lot of success including championships while I was a fan. Not that I'd know about that as a fan of the Browns, since they've never won a SB or even went to one. I did get to "enjoy" the 3 AFCCG game losses to your Broncos with horseface in the 80s. But for the past 20 years my team is pathetic, and was first stolen away and restarted with some early limited success (winning seasons and a playoff game in 5 years, the last 15, one winning season). I was a season ticket holder at that time, and really POed. Basically, as a Bronco fan you have it pretty good, maybe not right now but the past has been very good, and there is talent there to rebuild. PS I got the impression from articles I read that the NFL was ok with the prolonged future ownership limbo of the Broncos. Does seem odd though.
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    Damn, that'd be fun but I have this death flu that's going around right now