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    Looks like I pulled it off and won the championship. It was winner take all for $1k.
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    Who's in, Who's Out Would liked to see Jason Garrett shown the door but I don't think it happens so I'll make the safe choice and say Fox in Chicago
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    I learned a long time ago to STAY HOME on New Year's Eve! Drinking=yes. Driving=no. But, Happy New Year to all Huddlers!
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    Be sure to have a designated driver, it may suck to not be able to drink on new years eve, but it's better to be safe than dead or in jail. Have a safe and happy new year huddlers
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    Jack Del Rio fired. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000901236/article/raiders-fire-jack-del-rio Is it Jon Gruden time in Oakland?