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    Haircut looks about right.
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    And..... I’m pretty sure she was younger than your kids. NTTAWWT.
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    I think you’re confusing her number with the bill she handed you.
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    Well, there goes any chance of me participating in Mystery Huddler some day.
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    i THINK we should have had a token black maN ...........IN THE backround haha
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    When Gopher showed up in drag, it kind of changed the feel of it...
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    Cleveland should just draft 2 QB's instead of trying to guess the right one
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    Looks like I pulled it off and won the championship. It was winner take all for $1k.
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    Likely gone include Fox, Pagano, Ariens(retire), Lewis(retire not resigned), hearing Joseph possible too, Elway should fire himself. And despite claims by Haslam that Hue Jackson returns, lots of talk that he will or at least should be fired.
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    I hear what you're saying, DMD but it doesn't change the fact that more dynasty leagues are drafting earlier in the year. You can still compile lists early and tweak them as new information becomes available. I don't agree that it adds more luck, I'd argue that drafting early rewards the owners who put in the time all year round (like me). I would guess many people who draft in the late summer are relying on information from other sources rather than doing their own research in combination with outside sources. Plus those of us in multiple dynasty leagues have an addiction and can't wait until late in the summer to draft. Late summer is for re-drafts. Late spring/early summer is for diehard crackhead fantasy nerds such as myself, LordOpie, WashingtonD & electricrelish to name just a few.