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    That about sums up my whole sex life....
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    1. NE thoroughly bungled its handling of Jimmy G and they will long regret it. Whatever internal struggles exist, they got nothing more than they paid as far as draft capital and they wasted an opportunity to have its next long-term franchise QB. NE's mistake is the 49ers gain. 2. With respect to the second comment above, well what did you expect? Pats fans rarely argue reasonably. That fan base is a bizarre combination of the paranoid (from the litany of cheating events that Kraft, Belicheat and Brady have been accused of) to obnoxious arrogance. Good luck finding a sound voice of reason among that group, particularly the parade of band-wagon fans they cultivated in recent years. It is pointless to debate anything with them because no matter what you say, they will insist that they are in the right and that you are just a "hater".
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    Is Worley aware they are playing indoors ?
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    I mean....who doesn’t love a little girth
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    Video of conversation What actually happened
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    no - I'm with you - I like papa johns
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    Blake Bortles is horrible!!
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    I’d like to see Cousins go to Jax
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    Below you will find posts of what you call "debating" where you call everyone idiots. I am all for debate, but if the first thing someone says to me is "gtfo your an idiot" its not a debate and your never going to win with such a simple minded individual. Below was your argument against Jimmy being successful. To which you drew a line of direct comparison to Tom Brady, which no one else has done except you. We have just all merely stated Garropolo has seemed relatively successful. Clearly I'm not the onlyone that believes you insult most ideals that oppose yours Finally.... -No, 6'1" wouldn't qualify for Napoleon complex so you good there -Yes I was the one touting Wickershams credentials, and yes I do believe him. 2 weeks ago Brady was asked about finishing his career in New England and of course he said he had zero intentions to ever leave because its his home and where his legacy lives. Yesterday he was interviewed and asked the same question to which his response was "Jordan finished with the Wizards and Montana finished with the Chiefs. This is a business and no one is bigger than the business" Why such an ideal change if there isn't a little bit of trouble brewing in the workplace? Now are the claims entirely on point, probably not, but there's deff something there - I'm always more than willing to share my opinion, and I gratefully listen to others. Being open minded when it comes to debates opens your eyes to many sides you do not consider, However calling everyone idiots and telling everyone their ideology is idiotic isn't debating. At that point there's a good chance I stop listening because I feel my opinion doesn't need to be attacked because it doesn't mirror yours. -I'm here to talk football, and 90% of the time that's what I do, and have had many successful debates. No one in this thread is attacking you....I haven't even seen anyone tell you that they think you are wrong. All everyone has does is merely just stated their opposing opinion. YOU are the on that's attacking everyone on their "idiotic thinking" because we are all just "salty fans" and we all have such an "inferiority complex" -Obviously people are looking at things thru their own lens and it doesn't matter who they are a fan of. Even @Caveman_Nick , who at one point was called the biggest Patriots homer by someone that dreams about him, has even said that he believes the Patriots lost on that deal.... YOU EVEN SAID I AGREE WITH YOU. -I am 28 years old and yes I have been a football fan for as long as my memory can serve me..I have been a Browns fan for the entirety of it and its been a ride that's for sure. Alright lets try this one more time, and I will take over with the house example for commonality. - I buy a foreclosed home for $100,000 -I invest another $100,000 to make it what I want -5 years pass -I pay my mortgage at $1500 a month -In 5 years I decide to sell the house because my family is growing -The market stayed the same as when purchased -The house sells for $200,000 - I have now paid $90,000 in mortgage to live there (Kind of like Jimmys 2nd string salary) -Out of that $90,000 only $30,000 was to principal. -So at this point I am +30,000 (because I now only owe 170,000) -By the time closing costs and commission is paid I'm down to ~18,000 profit left - I'm going to use that ~18,000 as a down payment -I now have 0 return on investment, all I did was change houses (Garappolo to Hoyer) -Yes you are right, it wasn't a negative return on investment -If NE traded him closer to last years draft the possibly could have got SF pick in the 2nd round...which would've been higher than the 9th in the 2nd they got now New England missed the market on Jimmy G to get any kind of return on investment and that is my belief. I'm sorry you don't believe that. Also, many timesyou have said people don't address things you bring up....man, they get buried in your massive posts and multiple posts. Half the time I have no idea what your referencing especially if I'm using my phone. The things your looking for an answer to a buried in between "Your and Idiot" and "I make sense, you just don't get it"
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    Why does everyone have to look at everything they the same lens as you. You know...it’s not just Browns fans that you think has this inferiority complex, it’s everyone that doesn’t agree with what you say. So let's recap, it’s not you that has an issue with people not sharing the same opinion. It’s everyone else that has a problem because we don’t agree so we must be wrong and completely idiotic By definition, I think the only one with inferiority complex would be you my friend....depending on how tall you are I’d even call it Napoleon Complex in·fe·ri·or·i·ty com·plex noun an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation
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    My apologies for pointing out your hypocrisy while you insult every poster that does not follow your narrative. Carry on...
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    couple of things marvin lewis-ive been wondering who this guy had pictures of for awhile...it just didnt make sense how he kept surviving...and he was certainly gone....but i will say this... after the last 2 games it was clear his team didnt quit on him which one would have thought they def would have...they didnt lay down and i think that spoke volumes @steve- i agree...i never thought gruden would come back either...too much stress...too many hours too much pressure....he had a nice gig and got paid well....easier hours and didnt care who won...im suprised....but there is quite a bit of money available to him in that deal if he sees most of it through....but theres a reason you havent seen dungy, billick, cowher etc back... as far as belichick assistants not faring too well.....most of them came into some rough situations....every year across the league you find a team or two that were terrible the year before that suprise everyone and turn it around quickly....but theres always some that dont and stay mired....i think his assistants took some pretty tough gigs.....i reckon that obrien will do ok with a healthy defense and a healthy deshaun though........im not a huge fan of mcdaniels as a head coach...i think hes an OC...some guys arent cut out for both....you have to remember this a guy that drafted tebow...i think patricia makes a better HC if all situations are equal(depending what kind of situation each guy walks into)
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    the more and more you browns fans speak its looking like, not only are you idiots, but you have a major inferiority complex all i said was...you cant possibly be looking at the trade through the same lense i am.....its impossible....here you are all clamoring for a 26 year old franchise qb...the browns would love to have it.....meanwhile tom is the man that has led a 17 year run through my 20s and 30s and has won 2 out of the last 3 and probably an mvp award this year.....im not willing to let that go for anyone are you upset that kraft shot down wickershams article? i mean...theres still time for kraft to be shown and liar and wickersham to be right....dont give up hope yet
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    im willing to debate with anyone and be reasonable.....stay salty in dolphinland....you might string together winning seasons sometime this century...youve added next to nothing here the juiciest part of this article if that theres a riff between the big 3 over garappolo.....kraft shot that down pretty hard....if kraft wasnt telling the truth he would have just issued the "unified" statement and remained silent
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    I get it now. The Rams scored 13 points as a tribute to Jeff Fisher. Can we say Fisher left the Titans in good shape too?
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    @stevegrab look at that...your a Browns fan, so your obviously a complete idiot
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    Chief fans have to be sick tonight! I felt disgusted .
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    lol, i don't know what that means
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    First chip for NE falls into place as usual lol ( Yes Bitter NE Hater)
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    LOL...what can i say....its been a miserable week around here weather wise
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    i hear ya...would be crazy....but the NFL loves controversy ultimately hard to prove also especially if kraft had allegedly "demanded" jimmy be traded but didnt stipulate "to anyone but the giants".........but alas ive always figured the stuff weve heard the last two days to be complete BS anwyay
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    I remember when this site had intelligent participants. Now its just a bunch of noobs n trolls.
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    Would every team like the chance to have Bill as coach sure, would they fire their whole staff hoping to land him, not before they've got a commitment from Bill with penalties if he backs out (cough Jets quitter cough) Nevermind I see opinions only matter if you're a fan of a dynasty team