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    This is where my money has been since day 1
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    Maybe someday Jimmy G can be looked on as a great player. I think he hs the potential, for sure. That day just isn’t today. On his 6.5 games of NFL experience, i am not sure how anyone can claim he is
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    @forever in debt to mo lewis I have never called you a liar, I have never said you were wrong...98% of the time in a debate not one person is “wrong” with their ideals (Taxes and arguments with my wife....I don’t even try to debate) In the matter of Jimmy G being successful I think we can both agree we have to see more Professional football progress to check that box, and yeah he’s no Brady. In the the matter of NE getting return on investment, you think they did and I don’t. I think we are gonna just disagree on that one The articles that are coming out, I think there’s something there. Probably not everything it’s claiming, but I believe there’s something. There might not be tho I never called you an idiot on any of your ideals and I’d like the same respect, yes? Good glad we can move on. No? Alright we’re gonna continue to debate on things in the future either way Brady is better than Garoppolo, Farve was better than Rodgers, and in some circles Montana is better than Young (I’m on the Montana end). I just wanna see them play each other, but that probably won’t happen unless SF makes the Super Bowl in the next two seasons. Enjoy your night Boss
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    I like the Nagy hire. Hope it works out.
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    Me too and I don't want to get political here so I'll just leave it at that lol