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    Not to mention the two dillweed Pats homers who keep telling us all to shut up because we're not Pats fans so we aren't allowed to have opinions. Just look at their repsonses, not worth reading past the first sentence where they tell us all how superior they are. You know since they made the brilliant decision to be Pats fans. Who knew, I guess Bulls fans were the smartest in the NBA while Jordon was winning those titles. Why are people even trying to discuss this anymore, Pats fans have spoken, the rest of us should just GUMMI BEAR and go away, we're stupid and know nothing.
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    For people familiar with the Browns records since return, 4-5 is about the average number of wins. They've only had 2 winning seasons in 19 years, since the last one (10-6 in 2007 missed the playoffs on a tie breaker with Titans) their most wins was 7-9 in 2014, that was a 7-4 start with 0-5 after. Checked the total is 88 wins in 19 years, 4.63 wins a year. If they went 12-4 next year that would be 100 wins in 20 years, nudging the average up to 5 wins. Honestly if they can win 4-5 games again, that would be a huge improvement, return to their average and hope to keep improving. The constant turnover (GM, HC, players even owners with 3 coungint Al & Randy Lerner, now Jimmy Haslam) over 20 years has not helped. I posted this elsewhere in a discussion of the Browns, they've had 5 coaches over the past 9 seasons, more than one every 2 years. Only 2 coaches in the new era (post 99, Browns 2.0 if you like) had 3 years or more, Butch Davis (fired with 2 games left in 4th season) and Crennel (4 full season)., everybody else 2 or less. So in one way I'm not too unhappy with Hue Jackson staying, I thought he was a good hire at the time, especially with other teams interested and the Browns getting their first (not 9-10th) choice. But I do question some of his in game decisions. And his calm demeanor while the team is a hot mess.
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    Def, you’re fine. Maybe a little off in a few spots, but i wouldn’t say biased.
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    I speak simply and I mean what I say. You have yet again taken your own bias and implied it into my posts. You then turn around and attack with your misconceptions. That is not how you debate a topic, and is quite frankly hypocritical you. You say you love to talk football, but I'm guessing many don't like discussing it with you because you are the type to shout until people simply stop talking. Blowhards I am willing to discuss with, but hypocritical blowhards are not worth the effort. Some friendly advise...start with the man in the mirror.
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    http://www.totalprosports.com/2018/01/10/max-kellerman-says-the-new-england-patriots-have-the-dumbest-fans-in-sports-video/ Accurate
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    nice. No wonder so many people despise Pats fans. You guys bring it on yourselves and it is well deserved. Again, good luck to you. Peace and out.
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    thank you for so aptly demonstrating my point. You fit right in with my description. You couldn't have done a better job of validating what I wrote if you even tried.
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    Not sure what the pissing match in this thread is all about but whoever forced him to the niners... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
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    Well 1 would be trending up. Sorry, low hanging fruit and all...