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    Can't wait. Should be an intense competetion.
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    Meanwhile Hue Jackson gets to keep his job
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    You guys here that evil giggle, that's Kraft, Belicheck, Brady and Patriot nation chuckling at the prospect of facing either Keenum or Foles instead of Brees. Hats and shirts are being printed and ring design is underway...
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    Last year , the Cowboys dominated and everyone said they were going to rule the roost in the east for a while . This year , they played a big boy schedule and ill be generous in saying Dak had some growing pains . Wentz is the real deal for sure and they will be formidable as hell, but lets not anoint them just yet . That being said , that was a gritty ballsy playoff win against a very potent offense. I tip my cap to them for sure
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    Assuming salary demands aren't crazy, they sign Keenum. Bradford can't stay healthy and Bridgewater has proven nothing, unlike Keenum.