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    Starts at the top. Their owner is a retard.
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    Nothing is a done deal until it is, kind of surprised to see NFL.com basically saying "these guys have been hired but it cannot be announced, we all know teams break these rules regularly and nobody at the NFL cares". Somebody being the likely person to take the job is just that, a likely hire. The rumors about Matt Patricia to Lions seem just as storng and have been around just as long, but NFL.com shows that job in the "open" category, but Shurmur and McDaniles are listed in 'hired coaches". NFL.com coaching tracker Time for the NFL to get rid of this charade, it was laughable watching Jon Gruden try to avoid talking about being the Raiders coach, not sure who was excerting the pressure (ESPN, NFL, possibly with KC influence) but he clearly didn't want to talk about it, and it was not going to be announced until Tuesday. Then suddenly it got announced early (Sunday I think), after we were all told about it during the TEN-KC game.