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    There can only be one six fingered man
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    Nothing is a done deal until it is, kind of surprised to see NFL.com basically saying "these guys have been hired but it cannot be announced, we all know teams break these rules regularly and nobody at the NFL cares". Somebody being the likely person to take the job is just that, a likely hire. The rumors about Matt Patricia to Lions seem just as storng and have been around just as long, but NFL.com shows that job in the "open" category, but Shurmur and McDaniles are listed in 'hired coaches". NFL.com coaching tracker Time for the NFL to get rid of this charade, it was laughable watching Jon Gruden try to avoid talking about being the Raiders coach, not sure who was excerting the pressure (ESPN, NFL, possibly with KC influence) but he clearly didn't want to talk about it, and it was not going to be announced until Tuesday. Then suddenly it got announced early (Sunday I think), after we were all told about it during the TEN-KC game.
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    Wow, no wonder everyone hates you pats fans, logistically impossible for you to have a discussion without name calling and being aggressive and obviously taking a joke. Let me break it down for you a little bit so maybe you can chill a little champ. The reference to the refs was made because of a lot more than just the Titans game, it's been a running joke and theme in MULTIPLE media outlets ( surely not boston) and been a running joke around here for a while. Secondly, my statement about the NFL praying for the Pats is 100% based on Viewer interest for the game. Relax and stop being a 3rd grade baby with your name calling
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    For people familiar with the Browns records since return, 4-5 is about the average number of wins. They've only had 2 winning seasons in 19 years, since the last one (10-6 in 2007 missed the playoffs on a tie breaker with Titans) their most wins was 7-9 in 2014, that was a 7-4 start with 0-5 after. Checked the total is 88 wins in 19 years, 4.63 wins a year. If they went 12-4 next year that would be 100 wins in 20 years, nudging the average up to 5 wins. Honestly if they can win 4-5 games again, that would be a huge improvement, return to their average and hope to keep improving. The constant turnover (GM, HC, players even owners with 3 coungint Al & Randy Lerner, now Jimmy Haslam) over 20 years has not helped. I posted this elsewhere in a discussion of the Browns, they've had 5 coaches over the past 9 seasons, more than one every 2 years. Only 2 coaches in the new era (post 99, Browns 2.0 if you like) had 3 years or more, Butch Davis (fired with 2 games left in 4th season) and Crennel (4 full season)., everybody else 2 or less. So in one way I'm not too unhappy with Hue Jackson staying, I thought he was a good hire at the time, especially with other teams interested and the Browns getting their first (not 9-10th) choice. But I do question some of his in game decisions. And his calm demeanor while the team is a hot mess.