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    Or, if they win, go for the never before achieved Threepeat.
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    You are forgetting Jeremy Sprinkle. Duh.
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    lol we shall see didnt take it as disrespect til the delusional comment.. stay tough
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    Well, I could come here and complain about my wife and kids...
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    Yep people believe all sorts of stupid stuff. I'm a Pats "hater" I guess, but won't waste 20 minutes watching this and trying to argue one way or the other about Pats or any team being beneficiary of a rigged NFL. I've said it before, if I thought the sport were rigged I wouldn't watch, not sure why any fan would if they really believed it.
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    Well, now you've lumped yourself in with Irvin, ooof!
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    Am I literally the only cowboys' fan left on this board not jumping ship to the eagles fan club? Just embarrassing!
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    Exactly and yet it's what many think to go see first when Philly such a historic city. Insulting!
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    2 insulting things in one photo for Philly. They hate Brady and the pats and from what I understand they hate that statue too. LoL!