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    You know you can take a 6 game stint and dress it up to compare Brock Osweiler to Tom "GOAT" Brady too...really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. I love media now a days with their hot takes and click bait.
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    Hopefully real soon we will find out just how much Bill means to Brady's success
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    I think having the greatest coach ever, makes a far bigger impact than having the best skill player ever at his position. Look at what Phil Jackson did with the Bulls, and Lakers. In the same vein as Belichick with the Patriots.
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    Some guy on FS1 cant remember his name (Rob Parker maybe) made an argument that Montanna has jumped back in front of Brady as the GOAT QB because montanna is 4-0 with no picks and only 2 of 4 close games with 2 blowouts won at a time when there was much fewer penalties for PI and roughing the passer. Saying Brady has played in way too many close games that could have gone either way and came down to kickers and coaching errors being the difference. If he were the true GOAT some of these games would and should have been much more decisive. His belief is that if you're gonna blame The def and kicker for this loss vs Philly then you damm well better credit the defence and kicker for the wins vs Carolina ( Kasay included for that kickoff out of bounds) and St Louis and better credit Carroll Bevell and Butler for the win vs Seattle, so while he has 1 more SB victory, Brady got a lot more help than Montanna did in terms of defense and Special teams. I never saw Joe play and haven't watched any of those 4 bowls so no clue on this guys arguments. Just thought Id share cause I love the debate
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    :barf: Yeah the talent/production was there, just that thinking of a class that includes 3 POFSs with no class whatsoever including an accomplice to murder.........well that's the NFL for ya
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    Well...yeah... https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-the-new-england-patriots-are-the-most-tainted-sports-dynasty-ever?source=articles_sum&via=rss
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    The problem I have with the best in any sport is that when Brady was out the Patriots still won.
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    Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports? No.