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    Let's do a bet, I say ASJ doubles his career best in yardage, I think it's clear you disagree. Loser stays off forum for a year..?
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    for nyone who thinks the Jets paid too much, consider this: Arizona (pick #15) tried to trade with the Colts to move up to #3. Local sports radio here in Phoenix, John Gambadoro, who is known to have reliable sources w/ the Cardinals, said they inquired about moving up to the Colts pick. The cost "was extremely prohibitive" and would have required the Cardinals 2018 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks and 2019 1st and 2nd round picks, and possibly more. The Cardinals currently sit at #15. Just food for thought.
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    ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ vs ‘The Kardashians’
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    you sound like a 12 year old starved for attention
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    blah-blah-blah argue argue argue
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    ASJ is a speculative pick. He has a lot of physical tools, is still only 25 years old, and probably hasn't tapped all of his potential. Hopefully, he is truly dedicated to his craft and wasn't on his best behavior last season because he got in trouble and it was a contract year. Everyone who gets in trouble in the NFL says they have turned over a new leaf. He is the type of player who has a 25% chance of breaking out this season. The naysayers will be correct the 75% of the time he doesn't break out. But I'll gladly take that 25% chance. I like my 13th-20th round picks to be high risk/high reward players with tier 1 potential. ASJ fits the bill.
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    The MFL Public League adp comes from MFL's own pay leagues with MFL's own rules. 80% of the leagues are Draft-Only with 20-man rosters, 10% are 2X leagues with 20-man rosters, and 10% are their Regular Leagues with 16-man rosters. I like the MFL Public League's adp because is comes from pay leagues with competent owners and you know exactly what are the rules. And the rules and roster requirements are pretty generic. A lot of adp's from other sites come from mock drafts or from an unknown and unexplained source. ASJ had an MFL Public League adp of 203 which is the end of the 16th round. MFL's adp results from the last 20 years: http://home.myfantasyleague.com/adp-rankings/
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    I'll let Aaron Rodgers clarify that if he so wishes. The draftsharks ADP that showed ASJ's ADP rising from round 16 in 2017 to round 13 in 2018 was specific to 12 team leagues. I played in 4 high stake 12 team FFPC leagues last year and ASJ was drafted in all of them; including by me in one league. In looking at Late August 2017 ADP published on a competitor's site for "57 recent drafts" on 12 team FFPC leagues; ASJ was drafted in 46 out of 57 leagues (81%) with an ADP of round 15. The full 2017 ADP with 1000+ plus drafts is available via a different website; but I'm not going to pay $5 to access it and further prove a meaningless point. I'm not even sure why you need to keep pretending that no-one will draft him; as it isn't necessarily central to the discussion anyway. There is the distinct possibility that your 12 team savvy league draft isn't and won't be an accurate representation of the ADP the majority of us will experience this year.
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    This is a stupid statistic because it doesn't factor in league sizes. Sure, he was drafted in 100% of 16+ team drafts. C'mon. Come back with some better statistics on that.
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    I think of it in terms of overall value to the team, and As a Pats fan I approve of this move by the Jets. Tom Brady being a 6th round pick does not jade me...i’ve been a fan since the early 80s. I lived through the Rod Rust years. I know what it’s like to be a fan of a bad team. I think this is a move that will ultimately hurt them.
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    if scouts/front offices were always right than the guys in kc and jax would have had lane Johnson instead of joeckel and fischer......or the rams would have had deandre instead of tavon austin bottom line is that these guys don't always know what theyre doing/do the smart thing what the jets certainly accomplished is driving up the price for any team that wants that #2.....the perception that this draft it strong and has 3-4 franchise qbs could easily be dismissed 4-5 years from now the jets are starved and desperate...that's what this looks like to me.....watching sanchez fizzle out and wasted picks on petty, geno and hackenberg have driven them to this it very well might turn out to be a great deal for them in time also.....if they miss on this one though it will hurt
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    just a great deal for indy....you could take one of those 2nd rounders out of it and its still a great deal.....nice work by ballard
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    I get your point but we arent talking about any of these QBs as being on that level.. they arent emotely close to being a sure thing... they spent as if they were getting the top pick and there is a once in a lifetime type of talent IE Manning or Luck
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    The jets gave up a chance at 3 front line contributors to move up 3 spots in a draft where the talent upgrade from 6-3 is minimal. Draft as many good players as you can. Giving up that much for that move is ridiculous!
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    As a Patriots fans decisions like this have to tickle your insides a little