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    Yes, it was a wrong thing to change - your long thread on the other FF site where the vote clearly went with the "it was wrong" side should be enough.
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    Also a Duke fan and owner in a PPR league where he was most definitely useful. Do we think his targets go down with Taylor at the helm? I think they might.
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    That’s a lot of words that could have been summed up with “I agree with Nick!”
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    Go AZTECS!! (Daughter is an alumni)
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    I don't envision Hyde in Cleveland next season.
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    I dunno, he said his research was youtube videos. I watched most of SDSU's season last year :p
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    @packers) 6 - 39 49ers) 20 - 93 @ titans) 11 - 34 colts) 12 - 42 That's Carson's season(first 4 games of the year)... no rushing TD's... I'm just not seeing what there is to get excited about? Look, the Seahawks have been throwing alotta crap against the wall to see what sticks at the position.. nothing has... it seems really clear too me they're tired of that and want some one to bell-cow for them like they had with Lynch. I'm sure Prosise will stick around to give Penny a blow because he can catch the ball and is capable of explosive plays(they also have draft capital invested) .. and if Carson can keep himself outta the whirlpool he might stick too, but him and McKissic are just guys on the rear end of the roster IMO... none of those guys haven't really shown squat.
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    Because Mayfield is too short to reach their floor? That’s what she said!