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    I suspect you're looking for one that lets you see similar information. I had a couple bookmarked, not sure how much I was using them recently, recall doing an online search for a new source myself. https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp antsports.com was another one I had, but when I looked that link went to home page and nothing here about ADP
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    Tweak the filter a little to "Exclude Mock Drafts" and I also chose "Starting After May 1" and it seems to be much more normal - Barkley is top rookie with ADP of 1.13 and Guice is #2 with ADP of 3.15. Next 4 guys ADP are all between 5.7 and 7.3 which shows just how much of a jumble it is right now with no clear cut 3rd guy, etc. With the default setting, even though it says rookie only drafts, the max picks are out of whack - Barkley has a max pick of 721 and most of the others have max picks in the mid 300s. Not necessarily anything wrong in their data, as not everyone uses the draft the same way or takes the time to properly setup their draft/league so that it can be filtered, etc. for these things.
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    I wouldn’t just assume Chubb > Hyde, at least for this year. People make that mistake time and time again with rookie RB’s. Will Chubb get more carries/touches? Sure, it could happen. But, in these types of scenarios, for every rookie that comes in and grabs the starting job and keeps on running, I could name five where that doesn’t happen. Just saying.