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    I've done it before - takes some work in Excel, but I've used it in the past when I spent way more time than I should have on this to come up with some consistency metrics. Depending on position, I would calculate number of week with a top X finish to indicate elite week, top Y finish based on number of starters at that position and a few other things. Was an interesting metric to play with. I used it mainly to compare players that had similar year end totals in points to indicate which were the consistent players and which were the boom/bust players.
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    Hey bud. Just asking. It's kind of funny to see you say things that aren't true. But to be fair. If you had the 1.2, Guice is the pick, but if don't have the 1.2 but trade up for it, then Penny is the pick. There is a difference.
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    Why are you a liar?