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    DaeSean Hamilton DEN WR now that my rookie drafts are over, I'm not worried about my league mates reading this. I only got him in one leauge, pick 31. On MFL's rookie ADP, he is at pick 34. On FFC's rookie adp, he is not even listed in their 42 rookie picks. He's going to be the best rookie WR for DEN since Eddie Royal (91/980/5), maybe even exceed that. I'm sure most of you know about his successful college career, but here's two pieces of info most don't know. He and Emanuel Sanders have been friends for a few years. In a radio interview, Hamilton talked about all the conversations he had with "Eman" while in college and the advice he received. Hamilton has been getting mentoring by a successful NFL WR, just like Royal got with Rod Smith the off-season leading up to Royal's rookie year... except that Hamilton and Eman have been friends for a few years instead of few months. Sanders is done. He almost retired in the middle of last season. As a DEN fan, I didn't know that until he said it a month ago. His ankle is still (as of today) not healed. His body and mind are finished with football. Based on recent history, the main driving force for him continue to play might be the mentoring role. I know some outside DEN think of Sanders as only a loud-mouthed, me-first WR, but he's also a good team mate and a great mentor. so, besides Hamilton being a great sleeper, even for redraft, I'm also suggesting selling Sanders in dynasty. There's still a chance that Sanders has clean up surgery on his ankle. Tho I think he'll tough it out (he's one of the toughest players, pound-for-pound) and probably miss a handful of games this year before calling it a career. lastly, DEN doesn't have a slot receiver or TE and Hamilton can excel in the slot. He has the potential to be top 20 in PPR with over 200pts.
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    I fully believe he comes back this year. However, I don't think we see the Luck of old. I think that guy returns NEXT year.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if his career is done. But I would still take a chance on him in dynasty if I could buy low. He is 28. If he does return to form, he could be an elite quarterback for the next 10 years.
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    You weren't around when we were first n00bs.
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    I like Hamilton too. If you want a guy to throw a dart at in round 4 or 5, try Justin Watson.
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    No. I didnt take into account that you simply changed your mind. My bad. Sorry for calling you a liar.