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    I'm bumping Jordan Matthews up a few notches with this news. He makes the most sense to play the slot while Edelman is out. Chris Hogan can play the slot but he is needed more on the outside with Brandin Cooks' departure. Jordan Matthews had the most yardage from the slot in the NFL from 2014 to 2016. He also dropped 21 passes during that 3 year span so he'll have to have good hands in the preseason to get the starting nod. If he is the starting slot, I'll consider starting him in weeks 1-4 (I'll probably wait to see how he does week 1 before taking the risk). I was already thinking of drafting Matthews because of Edelman's high injury risk. His adp will certainly go up from it's current 190.19 but he should still be available in rounds 13-16 in a lot of leagues. He could be a great daily fantasy play in weeks 1-4 as well.