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    And Owens is wondering why he wasn't a first ballot HOF'r. And bitching and whining that it took this long (3yrs lol) to get in. Well....he just answered his own question. Countdown until NFL films does a reboot of "A Football Life - Terrell Owens" crying and expressing regret and remorse for not attending the ceremony.
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    when word gets out about him and how the rookie isn't a real NFL RB, Barber's ADP will climb fast.
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    i was very disappointed when DEN considered him before he signed with NOS. How the heck can people get upset about players kneeling, but want a child abuser on their team? Friends were surprised when I said I wanted DEN to get Richie Incognito. As far as I know, the guy is just a jerk, but hasn't hit or hurt anyone, that i know of.