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    There are a lot of factors that would go into this: Lineup Requirements - How many required RB and WR? Is it a 2QB league? Scoring - PPR or not? Anything else that adversely affects positional value? League Size - In combination with lineup requirements, the number of required starters across the league is a bid determinant of positional value. League Tendencies - Are the other owners likely to stock up on a single position early? It is impossible to say he is the #1 overall player as a blanket statement for all leagues. He should definitely be in the conversation for the majority of leagues, but in no way would I be comfortable saying he should be the #1 overall player drafted for most leagues.
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    I may have one (or two) of these laying around that I've never worn. I will check.
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    First, I don't subscribe to any "lowest chance of injury" arguments. This is a violent game, and any player could find himself on the shelf at any time. And though I don't think there is a safer WR either, it's not like Brown's situation remains completely unchanged. It'll be interesting to see how the departure of Todd Haley affects the play calling. There's a very small change that a new play caller will affect Brown much, but to ignore it completely is a mistake. Regarding taking Brown over the stud RBs, I don't think there is a right answer to this question. Instead, ask yourself how your decision shapes the rest of your draft. If you take Antonio Brown #1 overall, then, using these ADP stats, your RB1 would then be among the likes of: Joe Mixon Christian McCaffrey Derrick Henry Or maybe one of these guys is there (because ADP data at this point isn't going to be indicative of how things look in mid-to-late August): LeSean McCoy Jordan Howard Jerick McKinnon Flip that against drafting Le'Veon or Gurley with that first pick. You then end up with a WR1 among the likes of: Mike Evans Doug Baldwin Josh Gordon Tyreek Hill I don't see A.J. Green or Keenan Allen falling the the 2-3 turn, but maybe that could happen in some leagues. You can't count on it though. Let's talk best case for your Antonio Brown scenario... Would you rather have Antonio Brown and LeSean McCoy or Bell or Gurley and one of Mike Evans or Doug Baldwin? I am more in the Bell/Gurley and Evans/Baldwin camp, as RB feels like it falls off a cliff after the first 10 or 11 guys (around the Dalvin Cook / Devonta Freeman line somewhere). In general, I usually subscribe to the idea that, if I am taking RB with my first pick, I tend to go WR-WR with my next two unless some excellent RB value is there. So it becomes more like this: Would you rather Antonio Brown, Jordan Howard, Doug Baldwin -or- Le'Veon Bell, Mike Evans, Doug Baldwin. I am way more comfortable calling Evans/Baldwin my co-WR1s with a stud RB than having Jordan Howard as a RB1 (or any of the other RBs with possible exception of McCoy even though I'm not loving it). But if you like Antonio Brown enough and can accept how that impacts your RB situation, then go for it.
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    HOU started in 2002, so that would be the first possible year of that league.