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    I went to training camp this past Saturday. Looks like Landry's gonna be a ball hog and caught a short touchdown in 11 on 11s. Rashard Higgins is showing separation and getting lotsa looks. Antonio Callaway is quick with decent route skills. Looks like what the previous front office wanted Corey Coleman to be. Hyde got first team reps. I didn't see Chubb play much. Njoku was doing catch repetition drills.
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    fun fact about barkley espns top 300 class of 2015 number 279 some receiver named chad president that signed with tulsa 291...saquon barkley recruiting rankings even less of an exact science than drafting
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    He's real and he is spectacular.
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    Just back from the festivities and a great weekend in Canton - first time there. Blown away by Brian Dawkins raw emotion all weekend long, culminated by an incredible speech. Also really loved Urlacher's speech and his love and passion for his family, teammates and friends. All of the inductees that we're present (can't speak for TO) made Sat night a very memorable one. Loved how Randy spoke about all of his teams and his time there. Was interesting to see that Kraft and Belichick showed up (but remained backstage) and how much Randy said that he valued he and Bill's relationship. Of course Ray preached and although many have their thoughts on him as a person, and his character (as posted in this thread), he belongs in the HOF and he is a great ambassador of the game to past, current and future players.
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    His 5th/6th round adp is frustrating since he did so little last year. Davis is a player who would have had an 8th/9th round adp in drafts 10-15 years ago. But both big site cheat sheets and people keep getting better at fantasy football. People who were bad at fantasy football for years have slowly become knowledgeable or at least competent. Unproven players with potential like Corey Davis don't fall in drafts like they previously fell. It has made getting high value draft picks far more difficult. If Davis looks really good in the preseason, I will consider drafting him at his adp. I believe Mariota will bounce back this season and that Davis will be the main beneficiary. And I don't like the options available in the 5th and 6th rounds of drafts at all. I believe there is a big drop-off from the 4th to the 5th round of fantasy drafts. In the 4th round, players like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Zach Ertz, and Brandin Cooks are available. I like them. In the 5th round, I'm choosing between rookie running backs. I don't like the rookie running backs. I've been toying with the idea of trying to trade my 5th and 6th round picks for someone's 3rd round pick. I will make the offer before the draft but most people won't be willing to do the trade because they will want to see who is available with their 3rd round pick. So I'll tell them that if it gets to their 3rd round pick and they don't like anyone that I'll still be willing to do the trade. I think it's important to explain the trade before the draft because it would be a difficult trade for someone to analyze in the stressful minute or two they are on the clock. If I can't pull that trade off, I'll start offering my 5th and 6th round picks for someone's 4th and 8th round picks.
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    JuJu in the 12th is too good of a value to pass. You are not getting any bargain by keeping Diggs - you can re-draft him around the 4th but JuJu is going WAY before the 12th round. I am a little hesitant to totally believe that the Minnesota passing game will not have a transition period with their new QB.