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    Todd Haley just wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times titled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Hue Jackson Administration".
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    These announcers SUUUUUUUCKKK
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    Matt Stafford not to suck like he is.
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    Live and Let Dy 2018 Weekly Skins Every week, the league's high scorer will be awarded $10 to be claimed at the end of the season from the league treasurer, or used as credit towards the following season's entry fee. Weekly Skins are not awarded during the post season Week 1: Mr Big 169.65 Week 2: Faberge Legg Warmers 172.85 Week 3: OddJob's Hats 155.40 Week 4: OddJob's Hats 164.35 Week 5: OddJob's Hats 171.30 Week 6: The Bomb Squad 183.30 Week 7: OddJob's Hats 183.10 Week 8: Faberge Legg Warmers 161.15 Week 9: OddJob's Hats 171.20 Week 10: OddJob's Hats 179.90 Week 11: Mr Big 186.55 Week 12: Scaramanga 144.65 Week 13: OddJob's Hats 168.70
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    Geronimoooooooooo! played 70% of snaps. That definitely makes him roster worthy.
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    I wouldn't bid anything on Cook in your situation. Graham was missed a couple times in red zone and Aaron was hurt which threw the whole plan off... Cook won't have that many yards combined in 2 games in a row for rest of season.. I would only put it a small bid if the small chance you get him and think you can trade him
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    Looking back at his draft and roster I probably could have fleeced him even more, haha.
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    20% is too high. I wouldn't put in more than 8% for him
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    Thats exactly what I gave up to get Bell. AP straight up
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    Frankly I think 10% is high for anybody but season shakers. Cook isnt gonna have 190 yards every game and factly he's never been anything but a fringe player to this point in his career. Depends how your league throws money around but for a guy like cook I usually get away with w/ 5-8%. If he's worth that much to you then 15, just have enough to bone up on that WR situation after.
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    Who the hell are you going to drop? I would turn it down not only cause Bell may likely dig his heels in and sit out till week 10, but you're having to drop a lot to get him. I like Corey Davis - I think his production will only increase with Walker out for the season. I wouldn't fault you for doing it, but you better hope that your team can get you enough wins to get to week 10 or 11 when Bell comes back and can make a run in the fantasy playoffs. Me, I'm not a fan of that high of risk - I'd probably pass.
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    Well, locket will get the return yards but he will never catch 6+ balls because he is a deep threat. Allison and Golladay are guys who can catch 6+ passes each week and a TD. As receivers, I like them better, much better than Lockett. I'd go for Golladay first, then Allison
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    My post was about the rule in general, not this specific play. Do you really think that calling someone a "bozo" is acceptable in this forum? Please stop responding to my posts.
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    Enunwa was clearly Darnolds favorite target. If you think about it, he is likely to continue getting a lot of volume which translates to a nice floor for PPR purposes. Darnold is likely to continue feeding the shorter passes/crossing routes/underneath stuff as he gets more acclimated. The long TD to Anderson was more of a fluke for now, at least I think. They were 3rd and short on Detroit's side of the field and could have just taken the FG if it didn't connect. This makes Enunwa the defacto #1 right now. Pretty sure DJax got concussed and likely does not play next week. If you are planning to play this pickup next week then you don't get him. Not to be a contrarian but I would drop Miller and/or Ridley, add Enunwa (or Allison/Marshall/Lockett-in that order). Seatlle will HAVE to throw the ball to be in games so they will get targets. Marshall has a history of being a #1, even though it seems like a distant past, so he will get the volume in SEA.
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    I like Golladay and Allison here. I understand why you might want Lockett but I think you just need to forego the SEA passing game right now. I would drop Miller. He looks to be the odd man out in that passing game so far.
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    Cole Beasley's 7 catches is probably a preview of what is to come. He could be a PPR machine this year.
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    Congratulations to Mr Big for the week 1 top score. Despite a couple of RB wet the bed scores he still managed to post the high number thanks to the 'Cheetah' and balanced scoring across other positions. May this be the peak of your season Opie as you ride or die with the Cheetah !! Seriously nice team this year and maybe I should have considered some of the cheetah trade offers more. Hope everyone has fun this year and please stay active on the free agent bids. We got a long way to go. Ciao
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    Allison and Golladay are the two to own in my opinion. I would not drop Ridley
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    Drop Carr for Matt Ryan. Gruden just wants to run the ball.
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    I like Ekeler a lot. You are deep at WR but Enunwa is a solid pickup if you feel the need to add there. i know people are down on him but Matty Ice is still a very solid starter and you need QB depth.
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    I like Lockett with Baldwin out. Depending on how Williams plays i don't know about Jones' workload. Big upside though. I think i might pickup Enunwa given it's ppr, his workload looks the surest. Maybe instead of Lockett given that the Seattle offense just doesn't look very good
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    Breees is a must-start every week and the other slot should be based on matchups so your instinct is correct, Tyrod for the matchup.
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    I'd say to hold onto it. Somebody better than Yeldon will come along in the coming weeks. I'd be temped if I had Fournette, but you have a good plan in place and I'd stay put.
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    I'm just saying if you believe strongly enough that it helps your team, don't let anyone here dissuade you
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    if this is your thoughts, you have answered your own question. Do the trade. I happen to agree with @vmilani31, your WRs are very weak without Hill
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    I wouldn't dump him until you get news of how long he will be out
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    I won't ever forget that day.
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    Not much out there at RB. Yeldon seems to bw tops on a lot of people's list, but Leonard Fournette isn't that hurt not to mention when has TJ Yeldon ever carried a full load. Reports are that Fournette could have returned have the game actually meant something. He wanted to come back but coaches saved him from himself as its week 1. WR Brandon Marshall or Enunwa maybe. Nobody has really jumped out this week to become the waiver wire darling.
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    She is cheese grating my soul away .....Something about her voice...Suzy K would be ok .
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    Pretty sure this is the same chick who did Week 1 MNF last year and called the Chargers the Cherrgers all night. Is she from the backwoods of Ohio or something?
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    Need a little garbage time out of Mr. Jones here.
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    Is it a lady? Wow never would have guessed!
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    Told my brother-in-law earlier in this broadcast somebody needs to stuff something in this lady's mouth. I'm seriously watching this game on mute.
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    Except nobody was throwing their weight onto somebody or belly flopping on them. Link contains video for those making judgement without seeing it https://deadspin.com/myles-garrett-falls-victim-to-nfls-terrible-new-roughin-1828921591 If this continues you simply won't be allowed to tackle the QB other than a hit that has you 1-2 yards away as he hits the ground. I've heard they need to slide off to the side, push away from the QB and fall separately. like they're some sort of ballerina or something to make those kind of moves.
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    Yep, some of those calls were unbelievable. If they are going to call it that way they should just make a two hand touch rule on the QB. I have no idea how defensive players are going to be able to tackle a QB anymore. Going to cost teams games big time.
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    Carson got the nominal start, but it looked like a completely equal timeshare. Both Carson and Penny played 43.86% of snaps. They were sharing backfield duties from the beginning of the game. Carson's fumble didn't come until halfway into the 3rd quarter. Penny had 1 more carry than Carson at the time of the fumble. After Carson's fumble, Penny started the next series at running back but Carson came back in for the 4th play of that series. It also wasn't a case of the "hot hand" because Carson's first 3 touches were for 10 yards, 24 yards, and 44 yards, yet, they were still giving Penny an equal amount of touches. This does not bode well for Carson. Penny came into camp fat, missed several weeks with a broken finger, and he still was an equal partner to Carson in the backfield.
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    They are just turning the game into flag football. It is not the same game that we loved when we were younger. A wide receiver has no fear of going across the middle anymore, there is no such thing as a qb holding onto the ball to long(a flag will bail them out) and corners can’t touch anybody. Well, it may already be flag football, my bad!
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    Watching Rodgers go out yesterday, I half expected them to just make another rule on the spot and red shirt all QBs. Seems like we're going that way anyways.
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    That's Andy Reid's M.O., been that way since McNabb days.
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    ÌPrescott can't hit a barn from 20 yards. Linehan, Marinelli, and Garrett are straight up incompetent. Jones is a senile old coot. The entire organization is an embarrassment. Just awful. I hope these fools get blown out every week. Time to clean house.
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    And he only had 6 touchdowns the year before when Matt Ryan threw 38 touchdowns. In his career, he has 7 touchdowns from inside the 8 yard line. That averages to one a year. Some receivers need space to operate. He does catch a lot of his passes in stride.
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    Sorry you didn't get Fitzmagic out of Stafford. You got the Fitztragic version instead