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    I have a I have a feeling that this might be the game that Mahomes comes back down to earth
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    I'm sorry - can we just take a quick side break to ask about your screen name.......
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    Here is my take on why Mixon is the primary and Gio is the backup. One is based on size Gio is 5'9" 205 while Mixon is 6'1" 225 so just based on that you would believe Mixon is better suited to be an every down back. . I am certainly not saying Mixon is better just because he is bigger, there are certainly examples of "smaller" guys being great every down backs. Even with the smaller size Gio only ran a 4.53 at the combine while Mixon ran a 4.45. Bernard has also had some injury history with a torn ACL in college as well as missing three games in 2014 and a torn ACL in 2016. Outside of the current injury Mixon has no injury history to speak of. Also Mixon was considered to be a first round talent however he "fell" to the second round based off of "character" concerns.
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    Then neither one of you should coach in the NFL.
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    They also lack a 4th wide receiver. Keke played 93% of snaps. Those 3 receivers could get virtually all of Watson's targets.
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    Dang that's a good team but I feel your pain. I'm 2nd highest scoring in my league but also most points against. My record 1-2 with the 2 losses by a combined less than 5 points. That said, 0-4 is a big hole but wins should come
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    Ok I have no stake in the Seahawks backfield this year, but i'd be scared if I was a Carson owner. He's got little value moving forward (if he can even stay healthy).
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    The guy isn't very good when you take away his long runs. He's a bum.
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    do you enjoy being difficult?
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    I was surprised he didn't get more of a chance in the first few games. I finally lost hope and dropped him. TB is unusual with RB, I wonder if he'll be like Doug Martin and shine for a season. I certainly don't trust the TB offense enough to find out though
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    not nearly enough information. What's Johnson's owner's team look like? How many teams in the league? What positions do you start?
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    What kind of sandwich? Better be something really good. PS Great opportunity cost link, that is lost money you could have had.
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    Don't think anybody is saying they wouldn't have won, but the likelihood of winning if you convert was lower than the likelihood of losing if you don't. the field position difference is the key. So why not punt and take the near certain tie. I was traveling yesterday, only watched my Browns blow a win and most of SNF so missed lots of interesting story lines from yesterday, still wrapping my head around this one.
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    my memory is fuzzy... it sounds like y'all are saying that if they converted the first they couldn't win the game? Why? After the spike, they'd have a 1st down and about 20 seconds. A couple of sideline passes of 10-15 yards completed and they could kick a FG?
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    As a Coyboys fan you should be dying to have a tie on your record right now.
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    Pitt screwed it up. They low balled the best RB in the league. Now, they have no RB moving forward. Connor is nice story but he isn't close to the level of Bell
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opportunity_cost but the discussion of economics is irrelevant. PIT screwed this up. Bell screwed this up. I hope they all lose, somehow.
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    We all have a thousand theories but the fact is he's just not that good. Look at his tape.
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    sounds like they gave him a load and a half. Why?
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    There was no point in keeping Fitz in against that defense. The move wasn't based on performance, or lack thereof. It was based on Mitch going bat crazy. This is now a starting job interview for Winson and he's doing just as bad as Kavanaugh.
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    D Lewis possibly but you cant this week obviously
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    You get flagged for it. Why bother?
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    I would like to know as well.
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    They would probably start Gio instead if he had been a 1st round pick.
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    I'd like to hear from CIN fans. Someone in CIN call your local sports talk radio show and tell them to ask the team.
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    Yes and no, say you make 52k a year and overtime pays 1.5 times your regular pay, did you lose 31,200 by not working overtime every weekend last year? No you didnt lose money... you made your 52k you passed on the opportunity(to work every day of the year to make 83.2k)
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    I’m done with you. You so insecure in your masculinity that you have to resort to making personal attacks. Go pound sand. Bye.
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    How so? I’m simply pointing out that draft position is secondary to a body of work in the NFL. I Do agree that he should be used more, but it’s because of the stats you pointedness out, not because of where he was drafted.
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    Why isn’t Trent Richardson on a team using that logic?