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    It's been 2 months sober and I'm cranky. Don't take it personal lol
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    That was not the response I expected. Keep up the good work!
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    Yeah, those bi weeks can go either way.
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    Lol, wow. You could offer him the best receiver in the league and he may not accept it.
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    I’ll trade you my fossil watch for your Rolex too
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    Wind and Rain in the forecast for tonight's Eagle Giant game. Something to consider.
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    Is it really THAT clear of an answer...
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    If it isn't broke...don't fix it. Keep Kamara. You're team is solid and your record reflects it.
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    The weather forecast for the Philly game is heavy rain with 5-10 mph wind with 20 mph gusts if that helps lol
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    Green bay mine...http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/509524-start-help-please-and-thank-you/
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    C'mon, no one outside of Texas thinks Emmitt is better than Sanders..
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    i think it's questionable to hold Jones in Dynasty (wait for any action and sell), but I think it's a wasted roster space in redraft. Read more at...
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    The weather has me concerned...
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    I assumed you watched the game or at minimum understand what happened in that game... it was a complete blowout so yeah they gave the rookie some "extended looks". As a Jones owner in dynasty leagues, I am hopeful it means more than what it appears to.
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    First a "purple monster" and now "bi weeks"?
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    I would drop Funchess
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    There’s no reason for anyone to reduce Brees. He’s an all-time great. If someone can’t see that with their eyes, they are hopeless. At 39 he looks as sharp as ever. It will be fun to see how he and Brady finish up. Imo, the career records for passing yards and TDs will come down to who plays longer, not talent. Yards may not even come into play if Brady plays one more than Brees.
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    Wentz Coutee Gates
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    And that's all it is, a cherry picked example. When someone is a strategic part of team for an extended period of time, I think it's an insult to act like they are so easily replaceable. If that's the case, the Cowboys should have won their first two games the year that E. Smith held out, but nope, they lost. When he returned they went on to win the Superbowl.
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    You are in panic mode and the guys your giving up aren't the reason your 0-5 take a deeper look at your squad. Julio is a big name but it doesn't translate to his performance. I'm not moving hunt on that video game offense or Evan's with winston back under center.
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    You could have gotten a '57 Chevy at sticker price the last time the Lions were NFL champs.
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    i wouldn't give up hunt with your RBs being so weak. Any QB needy teams?
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    I think it kinda depends on what RBs are available for you in FA. Freeman is just a throw in, so you're basically trading: Rivers for Brees (close, but i think it's still an upgrade. Now that the run game is back, Brees will likely have the same production as last year) Diggs for ODB (serious upgrade) CMC for Fournette (since you're not PPR I'd say this sets you up nicely for the home stretch) I think my biggest concern with the trade is that word is Fournette won't return until after the Week 9 bye. That leaves you a little thin at RB for the next several weeks. Overall I think you win the trade, but you need to have a plan for that speedbump
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    Hell Yes I am bitter! My parents were in preschool when my Chiefs last won a Superbowl!! Man first walked on the moon the same year KC was world champs!......and to simply annoy my wife instead of saying peace be with you at church I have started saying Mahomes be with you. I have gotten just as many high fives as dirty looks.
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    Is Booby Brown still talking out of the side of his neck? lol...I ignored him a long time ago.
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    Should be enough, even too much
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    I'd start DJ along with yeldon and mixon
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    I don’t think it’s enough to get him
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    I'm not suggesting people should be able to say anything they want, but $25K for saying a ref made some bad calls? It's not like he went off on some way out potty-mouthed rant. You really think no one should ever be allowed to criticize a ref for a bad call/bad game, esp if it's glaringly so and made a diff in a game?
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    My opponent has him starting and has no other rds on the bench ( bi weeks and injuries) I was thinking of snagging Ronald Jones off the wire, he’ll search for a replacement but only if cooks doesn’t play.
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    Just curious, does him starting affect your strategy with your line-up? As for his status... a quick search tells me he has returned to practice. The internet is full of information that can be easily found.
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    maybe build a better team I do agree with you that he's totally "over-thinking" this
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    To settle your argument..... it is a moot (or as they say here - mute) point. Neither belongs in the hall.
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    10 pt passing touchdowns and a lot of yardage bonuses seem to be the culprit
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    Manning congratulates Drew
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    i think you're missing the point. that's okay.