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    This might be a good time to talk about the lack of civility that sometimes happens on this board. A few of you have long time grudges that cause you to constantly insult each other and argue about stupid things in a desperate attempt to make the other look dumb. It is tiresome. It would be nice if those who do this could let bygones be bygones, treat each other with respect, and only argue about substantive issues. In the wise words of Prince: act your age, not your shoe size.
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    Ingram, Gordon, Chubb in Flex.
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    Mack, Gordon, and ingram
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    Mack, Baldwin, Ingram. I don't think Chubb does great against Pitt but if you don't roll out Ingram I'd still go Chubb. Gordon is actually an interesting pick for that Flex spot as well, he gets better every week with the Pats.
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    I would roll Mack, Chubb, and Baldwin if Mack plays.
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    Mentioned earlier we have a few replacements in line already. I agree with all the points mentioned by everyone, even the fact that my big bro is being a bit of a baby LOL. i'm in a tough spot.
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    No way, for many reasons. Here is one simple reason, Brown and Lindsay together may equal Gurley in points, but they also take up two roster spots.
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    I quote this guy in agreement more often than anyone
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    If Barber plays use him otherwise Davis. Please to reply to my trade question.
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    With the trade deadline being Tuesday, I wonder if LeSean might get benched on Monday night if he is going to be traded?
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    I Like to think the best of people. Maybe Bell is looking at this in a way thatโ€™s bigger than one contract. RBs generally get the shaft in the NFL. They probably take the most abuse in terms of hits / body wear and yet teams donโ€™t want to pay them. RBs are constantly going down with season ending or career ending injuries. At some point the players at the position need to stand up for themselves, because they are giving a lot by comparison to other positions. Maybe heโ€™s just trying to make a stand and be a leader for his positional bretheren.
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    Good to have you back Opie
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    Well Marvin certainly hasn't lived up to that even once this year and I just got rid of him on my team after holding out hope he got more involved all year. I would say there is a better chance of Aaron breaking off a couple big runs and getting a TD than Marvin doing anything.
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    Gronk's stat line in 7 games IN Buffalo: 44/740/6. He likes to play in his hometown but being a MNF game it's risky to rely on him.
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    Did, Done, aw hell no. No educated people allowed please. By the way it gets even BETTER. The person that just dropped Evans has Will Fuller sitting on his bench.
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    Thanks... thatโ€™s what my husband is leaning towards us doing, but I need more validation lol
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    Maybe the Jags just aren't that good? Is it possible last season was a fluke? They have no QB, no WR1 and a running back that can't wake up without pulling a hammy.
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    It's good to have all types of personalities on the forum, that's what makes it a fun place to interact as opposed to an echo chamber. I feel like if people have personal beef or really hate someone enough, that's the ONLY reason why there's a ignore function in the first place. Welcome back, yo. Btw, Steve says FU!
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    In a supermarket, Ben. In a bathroom, Winston.
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    At this point I wonder how his team would feel if he does come back. I would think many would feel that he has turned his back on the team and really don't want to make that extra effort at certain times to spring Bell loose. Just a though. I know it might sound crazy but I swear the Redskins oline pulled this with Griffin/Cousins. Griffin ran for his life, then suddenly Cousins has time to throw. Really interesting to watch.
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    I was high on Miller because of the matchup, but when they play a decent defense or better, I won't be nearly as high on him
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