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    Seriously? What have you been smoking?
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    I think Philly gets destroyed. There is almost no way that that ragtag defense in the secondary, especially, can matchup well with the Saints in their house. It should be another blowout. I think that's the worst game this weekend in regard to being competitive.
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    Some of these hires are mind boggling.
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    Here we go ! IMO the best 2 consecutive days on the annual sports calendar ! Got chalk in the NFC and WE ALL KNOW the misery we are about to see in the AFC. Indy wins, opening the door for the Cheats to host the AFC title game and they'll win over the chargers and we'll all have to endure more of the same old goatness.
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    It's at least a 10 point win for the Rams. Prescott is terrible under pressure and the Rams can bring it. Look for the old Dak to return today.
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    There are heaters under the ground there
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    Maybe, and that's a big maybe, he should be an offensive coordinator? This is the type of stuff that's get people questioning the NFL and an organization's agenda.
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    He also recommended Nationwide to them. And he sang a few bars ...with Adam Gase you may save face....
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    Agree, It's head scratching. He gets a head coaching job based on being the coach when Mahomes was there? He's done nothing to warrant an NFL job.
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    81 paid participants, pending a couple of checks in the mail. Surpassed the previous high number of players, and beat last year's total by 10.