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    That would be Cleveland
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    Wes had 67 receptions with Joey Harrington, Daunte Culpepper and Cleo Lemon throwing to him. That ain't no small potatoes. Bill Belichick traded a 2nd and 7th round pick for him for a reason. Clearly, he needed a quarterback like Brady to fully actualize.
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    Wes Welker was a product of a system. Dude was a no name in Miami. Goes to NE catching balls outta the slot from Brady and he's a stud. Goes to Denver and catches a few passes in the twilight of his career from another HOF'r in Manning. He was elite in fantasy but he lacked the pure talent someone like Rod Smith had.. Maybe he'll be a good mentor but other than making jokes about Rex Ryan's foot fettish, I would hold back hopes that he will turn SF WRs into studs..
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    Somehow I doubt Welker and Miles Austin will be the catalyst in advancing the current stable of SF WRs to stardom.
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    My bad, I forgot how accomplished he is.
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    Sure, you know, once they actually sign or draft some.
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    i bet the team would if the only issue was compensation (like a 3rd), but since TWO of your division rivals need a QB, they just can't. Could you imagine a 30 year old good QB on that NYG team? What if your team lets Foles walks and he's the difference between NYG winning the division? Your fans would tear the team a new one. After all, you guys throw batteries at Santa!
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    he can say whatever he wants, but logistically, after he signs the tag, he's under PHI control and his only recourse is to hold out... didn't work so well for Leveon. By not signing the tag, he's allowed to negotiate with any team. The problem is, if he waits too long to sign the tag, he puts himself in a more difficult position and his position gets worse as the off-season progresses. After the NFL draft, he'll have absolutely no leverage and if PHI revokes the tag, he's lost $25m guaranteed and would likely be on a $5m back up contract.
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    so... what I said? I know, even if I'm right, usually am, most guys here won't agree with me, until someone like you posts it and then they'll agree, but still not with me :P