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    People crack me up when they generalize NFL players like they're all the same. On any given day, there are approximately 1,696 players on rosters and because of a few incidents a year the players are generalized to be "abusers, thugs, pimps, etc." 99.9% of the league appears to stay out of legal trouble, but people like to focus on that .1%.
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    Having Rosen as the starting quarterback would be a good way to tank without appearing to be intentionally tanking.
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    I assume you're referring to the sports Illustrated article ?? Ben has had roughly 300-350 teammates in his career. Sports Illustrated found 2 people who dont like him. One of which is some bum named Josh Harris who was with the team in 2014 for 4 games, 3 of which were not on active roster and he had exactly 9 carries for 16 yards as a steeler the went to the CFL. Josh Harris is coincifentally ( i think not) a close friend or Mr Big Chest. The other is Isaac Redman who quickly lambasted the writer of the article on twitter and accused him of outright lying about what he said in his article. Then we've got AB which I don't think we need to dissect who was the problem in that scenario. I'll lean towards taking the opinions of steeler legends like Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, Troy Polamalu, Terry Bradshaw, Heath Miller, Ryan Clarke and Hines Ward before anyone else. Also compare the local media takes vs everything else and it's quite a different narrative Sure Ben is far from perfect, id rather he not do a radio show but the team and the city support it. He had his transgressions when he was young and stupid, I've got my opinion on that but that's irrelevant in this context. He may have slipped up once calling out AB on a route when he made a bad throw but the countless times where Ben owns up to his mistakes in game aren't talked about. This whole " Ben doesn't hang out with me " garbage.. there's videos with Ben , AB, Bell and I think Bryant out on Ben's Boat, ex WR Marcus Wheaton spoke about when Ben flew him Bryant and Brown out to be with him to workout. None of that is well known cause it doesn't fit the hot take. Ben stays on campus at training camp, AB rents a private home in Latrobe. Again not well known In short, up until AB went viral the last few months there hasn't been a peep in 14 years from teammates or coaches, ex or current about Ben being a problem. AB created a narrative and the media ran with it and had to dig pretty friggin deep to find someone to say something bad about him.
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    Man, you are so wrong here. KC WILL cut him. Clark Hunt will not tolerate it. As for Kareem Hunt, you can hang your hat and your shtick all you want on the lying thing, but neither you or I or anyone but the Chiefs and Kareem Hunt really know what went on between them behind closed doors. Pick apart a press release if you want - that's your personal crusade against verbiage. But enough of this crap about management styles and blah blah blah. The Chiefs took appropriate action with Hunt and they will do the same with Hill.
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    it means I'm not letting you divert the discussion (at least my part of it) to further your agenda. k?
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    I have faith in Shanahan. It is impossible to predict who will be fantasy relevant but there is potential for fantasy gold with Shanahan at the helm. 9ers players are the perfect lottery tickets in the 13th-18th rounds of the fantasy draft.
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    NO! No QB! The tank is here my friends. Bring on garbage time Bortles! We need losers here till the 2020 draft! Oh and ya, its gonna be a long shameful year.
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    guys guys guys... it's all okay, as long as he's honest. It's okay to beat women and children, as long as you're open about it.
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    Ben is big enough to rape AB.