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    Kerryon has injury concerns. He is smallish, runs upright, and takes big hits. C.J. could be a workhorse if/when Kerryon goes down. It's too bad C.J. isn't a better receiver. I'll still be willing to use a 14th round pick on him.
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    Hate to constantly be that guy, but is Marty McFly 2-day shipping his ceiling from 2013 back to him? Cause if not, that time has come and gone. And not only from Gordon, but from Brady as well. If he's even on the field, counting on him for anything more then 2-4 catches and 60ish Y/G is folly.
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    i really want to go on a rant....but im gonna let this one go lol
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    Sure seems like a lot of iffy RB situations in the NFL right now
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    I'll even promise not to bitch and moan about his rant