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    Man I miss those WCOFF days. They ended up sucking wind at the end, but the whole Vegas thing was a blast with you guys. I am now a "once a year" kinda guy for Vegas and I have a standing March Madness deal with some college buddies. As much as I'd love to re-enter the high-stakes football world, I'm not sure my pocketbook or liver could handle it. I live vicariously through you guys for sure. Maybe in 5-6 years when my kids are older and life has changed a bit for me I will consider it.
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    I attended the draft. The stage was directly on the waterfront, between the river and 1st Ave. Mostly production in that area, NFLN on the left corner, ESPN on the right, tech center right in the middle. VIP seating area, maybe 100 people. No idea how to get in there, we never even got close to that. We weren't there for the draft per se so didn't look into that. The block between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave was cordoned off with gating and I believe that was ticketed SRO. Probably a few hundred? Everything behind 2nd Ave was ticket-free, FCFS. We got downtown Thursday around 4:30 for food, got to Broadway at like 6:00 (first pick at 8:00) and it was backed up to 5th Ave pretty heavily. You could have elbowed your forward to probably 4th Ave if you were prickish about it. We didn't try, we checked it out but left and found a bar that had opened that day. We probably ordered their first beer actually, asked the waitress if they were open, she turned to her co-worker and asked her. They both shrugged and poured it up. We stopped there because it had a Prince's Hot Chicken truck parked in their lot and that was on our list of must-try's. Because it was so new and it was 2 blocks off of Broadway no one knew about it and we had the place mostly to ourselves so we just stayed there. Friday we got there around 7:00 and got down to about 3rd Ave. Not nearly as many people despite it being Friday night. We were there about an hour, saw some picks, then headed over to the stadium to check out that part. We ended up hanging there watching live music, a big screen, and consuming way too much food and drink.
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    I'm considering both. I'm assuming the competition is better in the online competitions. Normally, I prefer a good challenge. But with big bucks, I think I'd rather have inferior competition. But probably all high-stakes leagues are quality competition.