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    As both a Longhorn and Bear fan this one hit me hard. Cedric had some serious demons, not saying that in any way caused this, but man he had some problems and for a while there I expected him to really go off the deep end. He has left us far too early. RIP man, hope your soul is at peace.
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    All you bastards in front of me.. Damn you.. I had 4 pre-draft rankings, in this order.. (1) Tyreek Hill; (2) Damien Williams; (3) Todd Gurley; (4) Travis Kelce - not really wanting Kelce and figured I wouldn't end up with him, but I didn't want you hosers waiting on me. So much for pre-ranking my picks!!
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    No, I think he really owned the Josh Gordon in the car.
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    The language filter makes this amusing.
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    His vehicle collided with a van, he was on a motorcycle didn't matter in the end who hit who. As a rider and one who has read a lot of reports on motorcycle accidents, it is likely that the van pulled out in front of him, and he couldn't stop in time and hit it. The van didn't hit him, he hit the van, but the van was at fault. But yes, journalism is pretty poor these days, and a major reason is the desire to be first to report it, and the unwillingness to go back and correct stories or add more details. I also (in motorcycle accident reports) look for info on what if any safety gear was being worn by the riders. I won't ride without a helmet, and usually wear my full protective gear that includes armored textile jacket/pants, over the ankle boots and good gloves. Still no guarantee you survive or come away without major injuries. But almost certainly have a better chance with proper equipment. RIP Cedric
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    I'd go with Julio, for sure. You'd have a solid RB1 and WR1. It's not just about that first pick, it's also about the following picks. If you take an RB, by the time you get to your second pick and take your WR1, you're going to be picking some lower end tier 2 guys. Do some mock drafts and see who's going to be available (granted in my keeper league we keep 2 so it's a little different). I've found there's way more viable RB2 options at that point of draft (like Jones, Fournette, Carson, Montgomery, Freeman) than WR1 options like Hilton or Godwin.
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    I would go for Gurley in round 2 and pickup his handcuff later in the draft.
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    This guy is a clown. Everything has to be about him. I thought it would take an 0-2 start for him to start melting down, he didn’t even make it through training camp
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    Mini Corey Feldman would like to dedicate this song to Piranha
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    Enter Cheatsheetwarroom25 in the promo code box to get a $25 discount on any FFPC league. You can even join a $35 league for just $10.
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    And honestly, even if drafted do you ever feel comfortable starting him? He is 30, comming off a wr44 season, I'm sure I can find youth I'd rather gamble on, versus a career year at this point
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    I have no idea what you're talking about.
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    Can I hazard a guess and say you're a Detroit Lions fan?
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    LOL Barkley did that last year, in-between breaking off big play after big play. You guys are overreacting. I watched every snap of Barkley's at PSU and with NYG his rookie year. You don't want him at #1? I'd be thrilled to have him at #2. Create whatever narrative you want...he had freaking 91 catches last year, so I'm not worried at all about an inept offense playing from behind.
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    Cooks all day but I might have kept Godwin instead of Guice. Godwin at PSU was really great...he is seriously talented.
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    Drama just keeps following this poor guy. Imagine how much he would have paid this Chef if Ben hadn't of blamed him for running the wrong route....
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    Ya that article oozes bad situation stay away.
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    This is exactly why I prefer to draft closer to the start of the season.
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    i pick players based on madden also lol.. be a fun year on madden always playing with kc and texans lol.. what players i pick.. is all i run madden with
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    In my league someone kept him as one of their keeper players His next best RB was Henry.