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    They are in Steven A. Smith's section of the website. You have to listen to 15 minutes of his babble to unlock one.
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    Interesting because I have the 6th pick in high stakes draft and I'm passing on DJ. I drafted him last year and took so long for me trade him, I can't deal with it this year.
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    STOP SNIPING MY PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd personally go Conner and Freeman. Would grab Cook or Mixon above Freeman slightly if available.
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    Chubb, Cook, and Maybe Gurley? Probably 2 of Adams, Julio, Michael Thomas and OBJ? Personally i like going RB/RB I wouldnt take QB that early If you prefer the stud WR then id prob rank em Chubb Any preference of those WR's Mixon Cook Gurley
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    I'm taking zeke at 5 if he is there, he will play in week 1
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    It's not about a QB scoring triple the to RB or WR, although that isn't even close to being true. It's because the QB position has similar value no matter where you draft them. QB2 last year was Matt Ryan who averaged 22.1 pts/game. QB12 was Cam Newton who averaged 20.2 pts/game. So ten full position ranks apart and it's a whole 2 pts/game difference. RB2 last year was Saquon Barkley with 18.4 pts/game. RB12 was Philip Lindsey at 12.5 pts/game. Ten rankings apart and you're looking at 6 pts/game. Would you rather Ryan + Lindsey for 34.6 pts/game or Newton + Saquon with 38.6 pts/game. Add in other factors like getting a QB in round 7+ allows much more quality starters and bench whereas QB early inhibits that. Just my opinion, I find better value with QB later since the per game scoring is nearly identical.
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    I love your team. You've got plenty of pieces and could, if you wanted to, eventually get a nicer WR2 if Golloday isn't what everyone is saying he will be.
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    I saw him go in the 8th last night in a 10 teamer and he was the 8th QB off the board............I took him at 84
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    Sorry guys, I'm shocked on how quickly this is going... I've never been the slowest guy in the draft before...
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    It's a great deal but only if you are willing to sacrifice this season. Neither may play, that's the risk. But you'll be stacked and sitting pretty this time next year. And if they do play this year it's a bonus. Tough call
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    Classic drug dealer strategy. First one is free.
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    It's a superflex, which in many ways is a 2QB league.
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    LOL Barkley did that last year, in-between breaking off big play after big play. You guys are overreacting. I watched every snap of Barkley's at PSU and with NYG his rookie year. You don't want him at #1? I'd be thrilled to have him at #2. Create whatever narrative you want...he had freaking 91 catches last year, so I'm not worried at all about an inept offense playing from behind.
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    72-48=24 which is the difference in the two scenarios. You have not added 72 points to the difference in the scoring range within the position, you have added 24 points to it.
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    I had to visit the emergency room. I had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours.