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    Jesus Hitler, calm down. It's his head, let him get busted up if that's what he wants.
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    Big John, sorry if this is not in the right forum, but I'd be doing all my football friends a disservice if I did not share this. If any of you have HBO and watch Hard Knocks, this was on last night. No worries, it's right at the beginning so it's not 'really' spoiling anything. The quality of this video is not the greatest, but it's good enough. If any of you are watching this at work, listen to it with headphones on or wait till your break and watch it on your phone away from co-workers due to language. It's short, only like a minute and 40 seconds, but man.. It's hysterical!! John Gruden
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    You got old like the rest of us pardner. These young wankers around here....sheeesh....
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    Frank Caliendo does a great Gruden. Thanks for posting this Shorttynaz.
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    Thanks! But you also have to draft well which you did and i did not. Congrats again
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    did somebody say something, I cannot see it
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    In a best ball league, you can't completely ignore QBs or RBs, outside of the top 3 or 4 RBs who are PPR whores. I mean you have to have a few in the event of injuries, but it's the WRs and TEs that will get you the most points on a consistent basis. In years past I drafted a team like I would draft one I would manage all season long, and would at best come in middle of the pack. Last year, @LordOpie reminded us that it's the receptions that win a best ball league, and to load up on WRs and TEs. Low and behold, I took his advice and took the trophy!
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    Haha, why do you give a crap if he Humpty Dumpties himself on national TV? You are so easy to get fired up. I own you Steven, call me Dad
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    I'd do exactly what you said. CMC is a ppr monster
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    Go a head and not take Barkley. The person that does will be laughing all the way to the finals while your on the outside looking in. It's all a matter of opinion, but yours is wrong.
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    Not bad options at all. Good assessment with young PPR RBs. I'm assuming that your Dynasty league is 12-team or higher?
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    The code be long but fair. Just checking in.
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    I don't know that I would pay Gordon even David Johnson money. I think Ekeler has the capability to do most of what Gordon does for them. I'm not saying he's as good but for the $ he's the better buy. Plus Justin Jackson is more than adequate backup. I'm not going near Gordon in fantasy this season. I could potentially see him sitting out like Bell did last year.
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    anything over 15 million a year is overpaying for Dak and even that is generous. A large contract to Dak will further insure we wallow in mediocrity forever . I love his character , but he is an average at best QB that should in no way shape or form be getting paid amongst the elite qbs
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    You don't own squat, you're just a loud mouth who posts tons of nonsense. Never should have taken you off my ignore list, back you go.
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    Nobody is FORCING him to do anything. Your employer says "you must wear this safety gear to work us" you decide if you want to work for them or not. AB doesn't know manure and you know even less. He is acting like a petulant child and needs to be bitch slapped. (PS No I will not calm dawn, so don't bother telling me, and stop defending this loser, it makes you look beyond foolish)