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    Quick? What's the hurry? I like Samuel.
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    Please people, stop with the Daniel Jones orgy. It's one friggin game. OF COURSE you start Matt Ryan over him. It's not even a thought.
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    I like Williams. Williams is better than Williams. Williams should have a better day than Williams anyhow. They will be focusing in on Williams, not so much Williams. I'd go Williams and definitely not Williams.
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    Normally I would say no but they are taking on Miami after all which tends to change things. They may give him some goal line work or enough of a workload to be relevant because of such an easy matchup.
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    Probably ARob out of those last two but it's close.
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    I feel like the "safe" two are CT and Montgomery.. but Ridley is right there with them as well. I like Ridley's upside the most he had a bad week but is a viable flex dude with the TD upside. Montgomery is decent but that Vikes vs Bears matchup could be annoyingly slow battle of two defenses and positioning. Maybe Monty gets going or maybe it's a s show. CT is a safe floor not a ton of upside but modest but I don't see how easy he gets into the endzone. Darrel is unpredictable sharing with Shady so if you want a bunch of risk with a chance of high reward he could be a decent option. Ridley I think I would put at the flex or CT if you want a capped ceiling but safe floor. Then it's between Monty and Williams who you think will be better.. Williams in my opinion in KC offense is more appitizing but Monty's going to carry more but MN won't help his already pedestrian 3.0 ypc avg..
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    I wouldn't play Gordon, the other 3 are close and I'm leaning AP and Howard slightly over Davis.
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    Rex is carrying the Q so I think it's a coin flip between Gore and Duke. I think it has to be Gore unless White is still not playing and Rex is healthy. NE is only allowing 2.3 ish YPC, but NE gets up on teams early so I can't imagine teams are attempting to run when down 2-3 scores midway through the first half of the game. Hard to predict Duke's week he's under utilized and can't really be trusted (yet), it would be risky I believe to play him, just my opinion.
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    Yea I'm one of those owners with OJ and Hock and its been frustrating lol
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    I don't think I'd ever sit the Bears D. But if you do the Steelers are appealing this week.
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    I think this is finally the week that Carson doesn't fumble.
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    This says it all, gotta go Williams, just not Williams
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    Don't chase points, accept the rollercoaster. Pick one and play him every week.
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    Ya'll are smoking something. I'm not saying Watson is better than Ryan, I'm saying he's in the that tier after Mahomes. Ryan has 8 TDs and 7INTs. Watson, 8 total TDs and 1INT. Watson also has more fantasy points with a tougher schedule up to this point. I like both, but saying Ryan above everyone else is laughable and I own him.
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    Both will have good games but let's not kid ourselves here. Start Ryan. And I'm a Giants fan.
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    Either is a great choice this week but I give the edge to starvin Marvin.
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    Hardman is the man this week! 25.6 ppr points my prediction.
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    I'm going Hardman over Woods if that means anything...I'd probably go Hardman for you. He could easily have a 40 pt game.
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    Woods, Hardman and Ridley for me. I think Woods finally breaks out this week vs TB who has been suspect against the pass. I think Ridley bounces back too.
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    No Robert Woods because he has done very little so far. I have to agree with everyone else here except I dont trust Carolina WRs so if you wanted to replace Samuel with Woods that wouldn't be a bad move...Woods is past due for a good game but it will be tough to gauge when its coming.
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    Hardman samuel and Williams
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    Hardman, samuel and williams
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    reminds me of some loser who is running our country.
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    A little bit of research would tell you he is a safe stash on your bench because he will be back.