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    And that doesn't count Brissett taking over for Luck when he retired. Had some time and was bored, so here's the complete list of NFL Teams starting 2 or more QBs this season (many others had a backup come in for mop-up duty or in game injury for a few plays). I'd say well over half are for injury, maybe 2/3 to 3/4. Dolphins - Fitzpatrick, Rosen Jets - Darnold, Falk, Siemian Steelers - Ben, Rudolph, Hodges Bengals - Dalton, Finley Colts - Brissett, Hoyer Titans - Mariota, Tannehill Jaguars - Foles, Minshew Chiefs - Mahomes, Moore Broncos - Flacco, Allen - 9 of 16 teams in AFC (at least one in every division), 27 total QB starters Giants - Eli, Jones Redskins - Keenum, Haskins, McCoy Bears - Trubisky, Daniel Lions - Stafford, Driskell Saints - Brees, Bridgewater Panthers - Newtown, Allen Falcons - Ryan, Schaub 7 of 16 teams in NFC (West only div without one), 24 That would be 51 total starting QBs, 19 more than the minimum.
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    You're in better shape than me. Down over 100 with Wilson and Coleman going.
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    Just saying, thinking 28 is a slam dunk is crazy. Can he do it, certainly. Will he? We'll see
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    So Jim Bowden is lying to everyone when he tells us on the air that there has been much talk down in Florida about it and he never said it was definite? Please. Dude, it is more than a mere unsubstantiated rumor. The buzz is coming from people who are in the know. I find it hysterical that this topic bothers some people. The Pats and Gronk are considering it. Bowden corroborates that. That is all. If I need a TE who will get some endzone looks in week 15 or 16, I would consider rostering him. So he is now skinny. He won't be asked to do much blocking, so those of you looking at his skinny ass can calm down.
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    I agree. You have a very solid roster without Green so unless there is a must add guy on waivers I'd hold tight.
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    If he's not hurting you sitting on the bench -- i.e. you're not passing up valuable waiver picks because of him -- then why not just leave him there?
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    I want to know the out come of this one. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
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    FanDuel I assume? I am on there too and have much, much more fun than in the season long league I am in. I dont love QBs/WRs against 49ers D and I really would hate to put my faith in Coleman and it end up being a Brieda game. All that being said I'd have to choose Wilson and just have faith they can get it done.
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    Wow, I now recognize my place in this world and bow before your clearly superior knowledge of all things fantasy football and probably life in general. If only there were paying jobs for people who know so damn much about fantasy football and were so modest and friendly when giving their obviously elite opinions.
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    If you like making money you took our advise and went with Tannehill
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    Gronk is a shell of his former self, when he pushes off now he'll just fall down. This is all just the over hyped rumor mill that has become sports coverage. Until people stop feeding the beast (spreading, discussing, believing these rumors) it will only get worse.