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    PPR? Crowder without a doubt. Standard would be much closer.
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    The way that offense goes, even if he doesn't run he will have 10 targets in the passing game. In full PPR that's big time.
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    Most do not go to work interviews in "instigative" attire (for lack of a better word) and than make antagonistic comments directed to said interviewers when its over.
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    Thanks guys! You all said the same thing. Cobb has been doing well the past two weeks and I thought it might continue. Every time I have started Rodgers this year Aaron jones has three touchdowns. It’s “Aaron Rodgers” so I have the mentality of how can I not start him but he isn’t reliable. Allen has also been killing it!
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    Yup, in most of the leagues you win by just finishing in the top half. You could finish in 2,000th place and still win money. I won $150.00 last week in a 25 cent league. So why play for free when you at least have a CHANCE of winning something. It doesn't cost crap.
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    Darnold or Baker. Leaning Baker GL
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    Someone in my league just sent me a trade. I would send Mark Ingram and get Lindsey and Theilen. I have Bell, Ingram, Ekeler, Conner (Samuels also) and Guice I have Julio as my only rec with Pascal, Mclaurin and was trying to upgrade at receiver. Is this a good trade for me?
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    No, unless you're robbing them
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    Neither. Till I see who comes out as the bell cow for indi if that even happens. And I dont trust any Det RB. And get outta here @Sol-King go back to roto-baller 😉
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    Then yes, no need to carry 2 qbs
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    Yea I know -_-'''''' Everyone in my league prioritized RBs while I picked Mixon 2nd round pick which left me with a weak RB lineup. Yet I'm #4 in my league and might get into the play offs if I continue my 4 win streak!!!!!
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    I made this same thread last week. Amazingly, I will be dropping him for a kicker this week, as I don't want to let Butker go. Haha.
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    @Montana is da Man breaking it down to nuanced level only he can do....ladies and gents...I give you MDM.
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    Well @Comm1 gets my respect and undying FF praise for the rest of the year....I crushed.
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    Hollister or griffin from the NY Jets
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    Godwin, brown and renfrow Sanders Bills
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    Has to be Baker as scary as that is to say
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    Hollister...i feel more comfortable with Wilson and hes been loving him lately. i wish i could grab him for kelce bye this week.
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    Slayton. He's receiving option 2 on a team that has to pass a lot. Gordon is option 4 (Lockett, Metcalf, Hollister/whoever is playing TE) on a team that runs a lot. Plus Gordon is a) learning a new playbook and b.....well ....he's not very stable .
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    Godwin, JBrown, JGordon (only if Lockett is out, if Lockett is in, Renfrow) Flex: Sanders
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    So what you're saying is that we're not smelling a Gronk return, but the sunscreen of the bodacious babes that'll surely be at his beach bash?
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    So i should drop foles for darnold? And play darnold over dak?
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    Love Parker rest of season... I think top 20 WR rest of season
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    Yeah I'd go Darnold. I really don't want anything to do with that Pats secondary. You can run on that team, but it's damn near impossible to throw on them.
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    Still the best pickup if paper Connor is out. I like Guice and BoScar, although both are just dart throws really.
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    I actually have both, but have been rolling with the Pats. I'll probably only use Baltimore week 14 when the Pats play KC.
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    If you've got to drop someone from that list of RBs, I would drop Hill way before I drop DJ.
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    Oh for sure. I like your flex spot. He’s a must right now. I’d agree with Montana Kamara gets going again you’re ganna be a train hard to stop
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    Yes idk how i typed 2 meant to be an A. They’ve had a tough schedule. Tough year for a chargers fan
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    At some point the Chargers' organization needs to think about moving on from Rivers. He's been just awful! Here's a huge reason why they lost the last 2 games.
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    I do very well on DFS. I found that the key is to bet more money in smaller leagues. If you join the big leagues you are playing against thousands of people. Even if you do win it's minimal.
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    92% of players lose money on DFS - this was revealed in a lawsuit in NY. Why you knuckleheads want to keep playing daily is beyond me.
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    Impressed he has played well but in two years of being Minn QB - - - i believe the Cowboys are the only winning record team he has beaten.. Fantasy - fine... Real life, he needs to prove he can beat a good team
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    You can. If Kamara gets the rock like he did yesterday, you're in good shape
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    Renfrow, Williams and Scarborough
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    Personally, I think you have the slight edge.
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    Seems crazy to say, but my WR core has been a major disappointment so far (OBJ and JuJu have combined for 5 double digit scoring games). I'm considering dropping JuJu to give someone trending the right way a shot - such as Crowder or Slayton. Thoughts?
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    I'd drop juju for either guy, preferably crowder
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    I don't think you are giving up too much at all. However, I don't know that you need to make a deal just to fill in for a week with Andrews (unless you see him as an upgrade to Kittle and would take over as your starter). Seems like a reasonable trade to me, but I don't see the need to do it.
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    They are basically using Hunt as a slot receiver. In fact, he hasn't cut into Chubb's workload at all. In the 3 games before Hunt came back, Chubb had exactly 20 carries in each. In the 2 games with Hunt, he has 20 and 27 carries. I don't know what they will do with him in the future. We can both guess, but this take is just not accurate so far. Not even close.