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    Yes, it's my own game thread. You got a problem with that?
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    I feel ya. This year is by far the worst fantasy season I have ever had across the board. All players, coaches, general managers, and owner are FIRED. Bringing in a whole new cast in next year.
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    Seriously, if you were in a foxhole with these tards you'd be dead in five seconds. They're ass.
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    Can we put Trubisky in the Milk Carton Hall of Fame?
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    No I would not sit Watson. R Anderson Beasley D Williams
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    Yeah there were years and years of evidence that Tannehill wasnt the answer in Miami. We had guys like Vontae Davis and Sean Smith who had better spells elsewhere but people remember the successes rather than the failures. Like we didn't pay Pouncey before he signed with the Chargers where he's been largely poor and the haul for Tunsil/Stills was great business. The Phins never figured out what they wanted Minkah's role to be, didnt surprise me that he shined elsewhere.
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    Exactly! If you are doing it to try and secure a win for yourself, then it shouldn't be an issue. If you are doing it to secure a loss or for collusion with another player, then it would be a problem and ruins the integrity of the league. Fining $25 in your situation would just be dumb and a very good reason to leave and join a different league the next year. With that being said, I'm glad you have chosen to play your TE tonight. I think it's the best move for YOU!
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    Unless Lamar gets hurt on the opening drive, you'll win
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    He was involved in 2 retained fumbles and I think that opened it up for Penny today. On one play Russell handed him the ball, Carson wasn't looking and it bounced off his hip, apparent lack of concentration.
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    Makes me think of jacques plante (the 1st nhl goaltender to wear a mask) who said " how would you like a job, where everytime you made a mistake a red light went off and 18,000 people booed you"
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    Hang in there. It could be worse, you could be an Eagle fan.
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    Josh Jacobs. The Raiders have to find a way to keep him involved when they are behind. They aren't going to win games throwing 6-yard passes to Jalen Richard
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    Congrats Mr Gore! Now #3 all-time in rushing 1 Emmitt Smith 2 Walter Payton 3 Frank Gore 4 Barry Sanders Shrine ensured? Safe to retire now.
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    TWilliams......another pass that he could not secure.
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    No, you can't expect someone who never does anything to do anything. Why would anyone play Trubisky?
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    49ers say kittlenis a go tonight. Still smart to have a backup in case he tweaks something during pre game
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    I’m in the same bind but Dwelley and Graham are both available so I’m putting Kittle in my lineup. FWIW Schefter tweeted this morning that Kittle is expected to play.
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    try being in a 32 homer league representing the bengals...