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    Why do you think that?
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    Yes go Fitzpatrick I dug a little deeper I’m dropping mayfield this week
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    Y’all starting Snell are about to be disappointed lol
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    I'd say Tannehill even though I'm facing him in the playoffs
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    Snell. Guice is 3rd in touches in that backfield on a crap team. Game script will be against him too so Chris Thompson will be on the field most the day.
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    I’m Praying for Darnold but I also like Tannehill
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    That's a tough one. Kittle in a back and forth game but I like boyd too
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    I like Tannehill or Fitzmagic this week
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    Woah! Bad weather? Should I not be starting Wentz?
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    I The Jets D is better then the Bengals. I would play Mayfield
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    Yes sit Wentz to be safe
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    I'd sit Wentz. Reports are that it's going to be pretty bad there.
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    i would go Edelman...hes so consistent i dont think anyone has consistently got more than 16 to 26 points ever week. I just dont trust Goff...dropped him after the second week he blew it with 3 points after the 1 point week. I think even the week i dropped him he got 5 points or something like that. Plus i think harry and sanu might not play so tom will be looking for Edelman even more than he already does.
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    #1 ranked offense & #10 ranked defense. You can't make that up. Where's the propaganda?
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    It's been my pleasure Riggo's. Sometimes, it's tough throwing down your 2 cents when the games are played and the advice you gave was dead wrong and somebody loses, especially if money was involved. However, i have to hope that over the years, more has been won then lost. Cousins should finish around the top 15, maybe even scratch top 10 but I'm playing Watson without hesitation. He should be top 3 this week and possibly even the best QB play altogether.
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    It's not propaganda that they are the number one offense via yards in the league. And a respectable defense. Something is off there and I do blame the management and coaching because they have the talent.
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    For fantasy purposes I agree with John. Even in a team that really needs a WR like Nola or NE he's going to be woefully inconsistent. He's not the type of guy who's going to be able to carry a game. He's more a chain mover now than anything. You'd be relying more on the occasional touchdown and or breakaway reception rather than consistent yards and catches. There will be no consistency and he'll burn you more often than help you. In regular leagues I'd say solid WR4 if he hits with a good team. In deeper leagues I wouldn't mind having him as a 3rd option as long as I was strong at other skill offensive positions.
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    Luckily my Wife is straight fire from South Carolina.
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    Snell for sure...more touches!!
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    Nah Richard isnt used to much. Washington is the man to own.
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    Jets have a stout run defense. I'm not starting him in any league
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    Snell for me. I'm in the same situation.
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    I'm actually starting Snell over Carson, but did move Carson to my flex.