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    Just wanted to give a quick thanks for another successful season with your guidance. I made it to the championship Week#16 (lost because the guy had Barkley-53pts and colts defense-41pts) but still walked away with over 900 bucks for 2nd place and most points. See ya's next season. Thanks again
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    Since 2007 i have enjoyed and benefited from the THE HUDDLE very much Thanks all and Happy new year
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    Thank you everyone, it was a strange but fun Fantasy Football season. Hopefully some people hang around during the off-season so we can bust chops and discuss free agency, transactions, etc. HAPPY NEW YEAR
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    Is this the only weekend where all 32 teams play on the same day? Fantasy football days would be so sweet if it was always over in less than 12 hours.
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    I honestly don't think he goes there. That dude is intense, somebody needs to throw the pads on him and send him in the game!
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    Two leagues, two SB trophies. enough said.
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    Always been a staple for me throughout the season, thanks Huddle staffers for all your hard work over the years! Happy New Year!