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    It was great to see Harold Carmichael finally get in. He was also a freak for his time at 6'8". He was a dominant force back in the late 70's and 80's.
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    Only if it was BYOB and I could bring in gangs of food.
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    Team needs to be sold already
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    Compared to the Giants hire, the Browns hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned.
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    They wanted a coach who is on a playoff, so they had to wait until they get eliminayed.
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    I see you're a Jets fan, so I will weigh that into the intelligence curve here 2016 top road draw NFL 2017 see below 2018 3rd ranked road draw in all of sports . # 1 in NFL 2019 could not find the data but I assume you can see a trend here Keep in mind , these numbers are generated by Mediocre Cowboys teams. Agreed that we haven't been a powerhouse since the early 90s yet we are still a top draw . Saying we are the most valuable franchise in sports is irrelevant is complete ignorance . Popularity and your fan base generates revenue . Its certainly not just Texas homers generating these figures , its the nationwide fan base https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/esma/2017/06/17/nfl-fan-base-and-brand-rankings-2017/ https://seatgeek.com/tba/sports/these-are-the-visiting-teams-sports-fans-want-to-see-most/ https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2016/8/5/12382996/nfls-best-and-worst-road-draws-cowboys-remain-a-top-road-draw-in-2016 I understand that it seems odd to call a team with limited success on the field Americas team , but they are . For every hater that roots for the Cowboys to lose more than they root for their own team to win , there is equal or more fans of the Cowboys . When my local teams are on primetime and their regular TV slot is open , id say 70% of the time , they put the Cowboys in that slot. They could put better performing teams in that slot , but they don't. Why is that ? So while you weep into your Namath jersey every night while abusing your privates , do so realizing that the Cowboys are now and always will be Americas team.
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    Some solid postings there @Gourdeau
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    We do? So glad you informed me of that. What other deluded thoughts do you have to share?
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    Hiring a college coach brings so much more that just implementing their fresh ideas. There is so much to learn for a first time NFL coach especially coming from college. It's a different world. How many times have we seen a college guy come up and fail. The cowboys have a win now roster and can't risk that. If they weren't close, I'd say yeah sure, bring in the clever, young gun. The cowboys are a piece or 2 away from really competing for a title. If I was a cowboys fan I'd be thrilled.
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    The Cowboys are a train wreck right now
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    Dear Penthouse Forum....
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    I'll always hate him for that. RIP
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    Being a fan of a hard luck team doesn't make you a better fan as those who are fans of teams that have had overall success. I have been a Cowboys fan since I was a child . No matter how many years it has been since they have won a SB , I have never waivered in my support . I have had the pleasure of watching 4 super bowl wins( too young to watch 72) It is a loyal fan base . How else would you explain them still being Americas team with such a long SB drought ?
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    In Rileys defense, he lost to the probable NCAA Champs. LSU could beat numerous NFL teams.