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    This game had nothing to do with offensive weapons, or lack thereof. SF dominated in the trenches, just like they did last week. Only difference is GB has a slightly better line than MIN (and Cousins is no Rodgers, obviously). But, let’s be real.... both games were over by the half. Heck.... this one was over midway through the 2nd quarter. The Niners’ O-Line makes Coleman look like a star one week, and Mostert the next. And their D makes better than average offenses look pretty mediocre. Should be interesting to watch what is very clearly the best offense go against the best defense. Usually, when push comes to shove, the defense prevails in those situations. But, Mahomes is pretty special. Looking forward to it. And, yeah, Rodgers is still pretty good. He makes throws every week that only a handful of guys could make. Again, the SF defense makes studs look pretty blah. Let’s not forget that they weren’t at full strength when they gave up 30+ to NOS. Nor were they in either SEA game. Much difference team with Dee Ford, Kwon, etc. Between their D and O-Line, Jimmy G doesn’t have to do much. Game manager might be an understatement.
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    And somebody in another thread said they didn't think Brees or Rodgers were capable of "getting over the hump" anymore. Just shows how ridiculous a statement like that is.
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    Lets hope Jimmy Dilfer is up to the task
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    Another state is another state . It doesn't pertain to you as you were born in Philly , but the Philly fans that live in Jersey aren't true homers
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    Most philly fans I know live in south jersey . With your premise , shouldn't you be rooting for teams that play in NJ if you live in NJ ? I view sports as entertainment . I understand people rooting for their home teams and I think that's great , but it isn't as if those teams are made up of guys from your home state . The NFL is an entertainment business . As I stated , my brother brainwashed me as a boy and I like all of the teams he likes. This includes suffering as an Orioles fan . Stevegrab is right. The Cowboys have tons of haters . I have friends who like insignificant teams that flood my social media page the literal second the Cowboys lose . Its a part of being a fan of Americas team . I have enjoyed their glory years and I have diehard supported them throughout this entire drought
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    I always assumed Brady played for Vegas.
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    Congrats! That defense is amazing. I hope they blast the Chiefs.
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    That throw by Rodgers certainly looked elite.
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    He hasn't had an incompletion yet. So far the game is about San Francisco gashing the Packers run D.
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    Is Rodgers elite? I'm sorry, I don't see it.
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    Are you the Captain of the Adam Humphries fan club or something?
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    I knew nothing of Stefanski or Saleh. And I still really don't. I did want McDaniels only because he's done it before, even though he didn't do well. I still think hiring the Coach before the GM is a dumb way of going about things.
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    I keep thinking this is about Myles...
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    Marvin Lewis > Mike McCarthy and i am not remotely kidding. These idiot owners deserve the mediocrity they get. How in the seven hells does Garrett land an OC job after driving what should have been an amazing Cowboys offense straight into a ditch?
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    Exactly! An "elite QB" makes everyone better. I'm really doubt him of late.