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    Yeah the conspiracy nonsense we can do without. If this Shadow of Death has yet to descend on your community then you are fortunate and I am very pleased you've been spared so far. If you have any doubts at the carnage COVID is wreaking, you're welcome to spend some time with me and I'll take you past the ICU rooms in our hospital that are filled with nearly dead people. One military friend said that he'd rather go back to the Afghan field hospitals he worked at than deal with this manure here.
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    I opened up a bunch of Hot Wheels
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    It was that way here 2-3 weeks ago, since then its been much better, inventory continued to arrive, stores limited hoarding (2 of something max) and people calmed down and started helping each other. We are in regular contact with about a dozen of our neighbors with kids the same age as our daughters (and the elderly) and we know what people are looking for or need. none of them will need for anything i have
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    Gloves are actually being shown to be a false sense of security and could lead to more widespread problems. This virus is droplet infectious. So gloves allow you to spread the droplet from location to location, your hands are built to withstand the droplets, the problem it that most people touch their face 20 + times an hour. when your hands have the virus on them, and then you touch your face that is where the problem comes into play. people wearing gloves just manage to spread it to each item they touch making it more widespread. Unless your working with a family member with Covid 19, let the professionals have the gloves.
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    I probably won't watch this, but I'm pretty confident I know the major plot line. I found it "very interesting" the lady who posted it is a flat earther and has a bunch of 5G conspiracy videos.
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    And a couple/few hours later he said, “Whenever we’re ready, I mean as soon as we can, obviously. He then later added, “I can’t tell you a date but I thinks it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”
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