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    Bank that signing bonus Joe, what's wrong with you? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29151933/joe-burrow-waiting-see-coronavirus-pandemic-signing-bengals-contract
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    One of my all time favorites was Jeremiah Trotter. He wasn't the most talented linebacker but he was an animal on every play. I loved watching him.
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    No, this thread actually gets views. Nice try though. Hahaa
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    he's just a troll, ignore him
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    Warrick Dunn I always thought he was a solid player and made the most of his talent with his small size. But this is what pushed me to be a fan of the man, not just the football player: https://wdc.org/homes-for-the-holidays/ DeShaun Watson directly benefited from this as a youngster and I think it shows in his giving attitude. So many bash athletes because of a few knuckleheads and overlook the ones who have a positive impact off the field. ETA: While he might not make it to the hall of fame, his career numbers are still noteworthy. He's 20th ALL TIME with yards from scrimmage.
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    Arian Foster. I loved watching him, he was such a smooth runner. Made it look effortless
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