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    Philly Fans: Step 1 complete, Implement Stage 2.... Release the Murder Hornets
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    This is pure garbage. Stick to facts or don't post. It's still at least 10x as deadly as the flu. Have you been paying attention to the news - this is nothing like "any other respiratory illness." There is zero data to support that flying is more risky than close personal contact. When someone you care about catches this, come back and tell me how you feel.
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    Still killing a 1000 a day in the states, (10 times that of cars, and just less then tobacco, but typically tobacco takes decades, not months ) . Btw, this maybe the new normal till a cure is found. I love Trump saying there is nothing to worry about, but if you get Corona at my rallies I'm not responsible. Look at Florida and Texas, 2 of the 1st states to open up. They are flying up the charts of infectious persons (and dead). Texas has nowhere near the density of New York, new Jersey, Illinois, but is 6th in cases. Hopefully such a cavalier attitude to this virus doesn't kill one of my relatives or friends, I really don't care what consenting adults do, as long as my family is safe from others stupidity.