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    A lot of similarities between Antonio Brown and Kanye West.
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    yeahhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Hail to the Redskins will never carry the same steam . this wasn’t as much the power of protest as it was an absolute sabotage by the sponsors.
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    Stefanski used multiple TEs 57% of the time last year. Highest in the NFL. Njoku broke his wrist and missed 10 games. He was a healthy scratch in two of the games he was eligible. He caught 5 passes last year and dropped 2. from an article The Browns drafted tight end Harrison Bryant in the fourth round. But if Njoku is worried about losing playing time to a fourth-round rookie, there is something wrong with his competitive spirit. My guess is immaturity is at work. He doesn’t have a realistic view of his situation. He neglects the fact that he’s a weak blocker. His hands are suspect. He has a lot of physical talent but doesn’t realize how frustrating he can be to a coach because of his lack of consistency.