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    same as Mostert - 4 games over 12carries. Ended up with 5.7 ypc and 9 or 10 TDs. My only point is that OP shouldn’t have to overpay for Mattison if he has Mostert.
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    I have to disagree. If Cook goes down Mattison is an immediate and clear RB1. Mostert has to deal with Tevin Coleman splitting the touches. There's nothing behind Mattison.
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    Yeah, I'd be pissed. The fair way to handle this is to just give everyone their 16th round pick as a waiver option, BUT they would have to drop one of their other guys. (presuming you are only going with 15 man rosters) Only way to make this right.
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    I agree with the padded room crazy. I have the #1 pick in a local redraft on Saturday and while I have some concerns about CMC with the new coaching staff, offense, and natural regression on production and touches I still think he’s the obvious choice. Plus I would still take, Barkley, Zeke, Kamara, Cook, and Henry before Jacobs.
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    This is inline with my thinking. To get true value out of Mattison, you need a Cook injury. You are already getting similar levels of production (from what we have seen) from Mostert. Mattison is just insurance for you, Mostert is a current asset that you can already use. I don't blame you for wanting Mattison, but he is definitely not worth overpaying for.
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    In most leagues, taking a QB early is usually a bad idea. In certain situations (2QB league, superflex, unique scoring rule) it's more important. In your particular situation, that is a massive overpay for Lamar in my opinion, but it's your team. Dak is generally considered a top 6 QB this year, but at the end of the day if you are not sure of him, for sure try to make a move. If you think your overall team is better by trading Dak and Julio for Lamar go for it (FWIW, there are very few scenarios, other than the multiple starting QB leagues noted above, where I would have Julio ranked below Lamar in my overall rankings).
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    I'd stick with Dak. Doubt you really would have to stream either.
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    I think it’s very situational, depending on the type and size of the league. In a 10-12 teamer redraft Non-super flex with unlimited no-cost FAM it’s a viable strategy. That being said, I’d be happy with Dak and all his weapons combined with a pretty easy strength of schedule.
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    Agreed, Mattison has shined when Cook is out.
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    Man, that's tough. I'd probably do it but only if you believe that CEH will be an RB1.
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    I don’t know about overpaying for Mattison. If Cook is a holdout or goes down, I’d be ok starting Mostert instead. We’ve seen what Mostert can do as a lead back, we haven’t really seen as much from Mattison.
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    You have to get Mattison. It doesn't matter if you overpay. Protect your investment, he's invaluable if/when Cook goes down.
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    The reason he doesn't have to give up more than Mattison, is because Mattison is worth a ton to you and only you. If I had Mattison, I wouldn't be looking for an even trade in return (particularly in dynasty). I'd be asking for (and I did) a player and future pick in return. Mostert had some nice games at the end of the season, but did nothing for the 1st half. It easily can switch back in the 49ers offense to someone else and they have a lot of RBs available. Given Cook's history, you are playing with fire. You might not get burned right away, but if/when it does, it will cost you the entire season.
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    I agree with wanting a bit more out of it. ...maybe packaging Tate into the trade, for a slight upgrade from his WR core. He gets the upgrade at RB. You even it out with a upgrade at WR. Dont know who's on the other team, or I'd give you a name... Dionte Johnson? Emanuel Sanders??