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    Dude, he caught 76 balls last year.
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    Username checks out.
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    76 nuts enough for a gay pride parade
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    I think OP is concerned about McLaurin who is his WR2.
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    Bro we told you not to do that trade lol and this is why...
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    I’d rather diversify my chances than have two players from the same team. Why not just try Carson for Connor?
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    Beer Run - Todd Snider
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    Godwin/Golladay ... whoever is there.
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    ESPN's Courtney Cronin believes Justin Jefferson will begin the year as the Vikings No. 3 receiver. It's a notable distinction because 51% of the Vikings pass attempts late last season came with only two receivers on the field. Bisi Johnson appears to be the other starter in two-TE sets alongside Adam Thielen with Jefferson getting reps in three-receiver sets and when the two starters need a breather. Keep expectations low for Jefferson early, but he's a breakout candidate in the second half of 2020. Cronin believes Jefferson "looked every bit the part of a first-rounder in training camp whether he lined up in the slot or outside." RELATED: Bisi Johnson SOURCE: ESPN.com Sep 2, 2020, 2:56 PM ET
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    This is a joke right?
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    People on here trying to tell me Fournette is good 🤣 he's probably average at best in the NFL, needs a ton of volume for "good" rushing numbers. He's got brick hands, so he can't be utilized in the passing game. There's a reason the Jags didn't pay their former top 5 draft pick... It's because he's average and a bust.