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    I stand for our flag and our country!! I will be taking ZEROS the entire season. God bless and good luck to all. TRIPLE H
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    Who's ready for this one??? It seems like years since football has been here and I say: It's alright!
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    It's one week and they both had good games from a fantasy perspective. David Johnson only had 11 carries, but that happens when playing from behind most of the game - he did average 7 YPC, and it's not like he had a 50 yarder to blow that average up. Lookd pretty decent overall - add in 4 targets and he's right around where we thought he would be, the 15-20 touch/target range. CEH was playing with a lead and as expected got the lions share of carries - 25 - averaging 5.5 YPC (also without a huge 50+ yarder to push that average up) but was a complete non-factor in the passing game - very early but remains to be seen if he will have any sort of role going forward. If KC is playing with a lead most of the time (a decent possibility) then we can probably expect similar from CEH - in the neighborhood of 20 carries and minimal passing game involvement - if it is a closer game, then it remains to be seen how much he will be on the field if they are in primarily passing situations.
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    Hahaha, that's what we all are doing.
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    I think this is a correct statement at this point in time. I think the trade is pretty even - I don't really have a preference of one vs the other.
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    Higgins is good long-term but he's not even a top-3 WR on the team right now. I'd roll with either Bourne (it makes sense, I just don't have a good feel for him... I see them leaning more on the run game and Kittle), or go with JJ Arcega-Whiteside. I have Whiteside on my bench because every report out of camp is he's finally healthy (had an abdominal injury all last year) and is finally looking like the guy they drafted. Reagor looks to be playing so not sure who will ultimately start, but it's a crapshoot at this point. Whiteside or Bourne, I'd go with (rolls die) Whiteside.
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    Engram is far riskier due to his injury history, while Ertz and Hilton are both older but more productive. It's not a horrible offer, but I'd probably keep your players.
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    If you guys must spew this trash don't do it in this thread.
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    No one is giving you Jones and Bell for any of those 2 players lol... But if they accept, you 100% do that.
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    Ever wonder why that is? NHL and anything auto/motorcycle racing are predominantly done by white folks. Where are you seeing the social justice stuff? NBA and NFL with a much larger black presence. Makes sense, no? Using their platform to get the much needed attention and change. Or were you referring to not seeing the 9/11 coverage in NHL auto racing coverage. I'd think you would. Much of the racing world is redneck-ville and Trump country :vomit: .
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    Jefferson. They didn't draft him to sit behind Bisi for too long, and the Patriots have a history of missing on highly drafted WRs.
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    If you play around with things on Pro Football Reference site you might find something, I don't recall seeing a way to select by quarters but it may be there. Otherwise you're stuck reviewing game logs to find those stats. Sounds like a lot of work, hopefully you didn't setup this scoring method without figuring out how you'd find the stats.
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    I like Williams over Campbell. The #2 WR vs. Patriots should be a decent play this year...I don't expect anyone to deliberately target Stephon Gilmore so more work will go to the other side.
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    Shephard has had good reports out of camp, I'd go with him over Brown at this point.
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    I gave up, I canceled my DirectTV. The channels suck, the dish is stupid, it's too expensive and the it's the worst customer service ever. I went With FUBO TV Premium and it's awesome.
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    Hollywood! He will do better this year then last year. Alot more experience now.
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    NFLN is breaking into the 9/11 memorial.
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    In a redraft league this trade is a solid one but in dynasty I would keep CEH. To valuable for long term use.
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    Haha I respect yours though DJ looked great. In a non dynasty I’m not vetoing a Godwin and DJ for CEH trade by any means
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    Yeah but remember this is Dynasty. If you can find a good young RB to be on your team for years then you need to keep him. Dont look at the right now value. You need to play the long game.
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    *currently punching myself in the face, repeatedly.
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    Yeah you might be able to get sanders cheap at the moment because of his injury. I think he’s fine. This guys back up RBs aren’t good. You have more RB depth then him and the better starters. I would love too add more input on who you should move but moving one of your RBs leaves you in a hole like you said. I’d stand pat and maybe let him do the offers like you’ve been if you get something you like great if not you have a strong team. Love the cmc CEH Lamar Jackson combo.
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    Hmmm. I think at this point Godwin has the much higher floor and just as high a ceiling as Evans, plus way more consistency. I get loving Evans though. DJ looking like the DJ of old last night..I'd be sold on him. But can't blame you for standing pat!
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    I hope last night convinced you to keep Clyde!!
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    I went for a run.... did not watch.
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    I am pretty much done with the NFL. For the sake of the league and this season - I will enter a rankings based lineup each week for your squad. Please do not adjust for zeros. Thanks Take care Euchre
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    Im a giants fan, i say start juju. Giants pass defense is terrible.
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    For once, I think someone is over thinking it, at least more than me. It was just his first game in the NFL with no preseason games under his belt and look what he did. When he became the primary back at LSU, he caught a lot of passes. Time will tell, but Andy Reid's reputation with RBs should speak for itself. Good luck and I'm curious at where he goes in drafts since people got a peak at what he could do.
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    Here is my contrian point explained further as I have a draft left this weekend with a pick at 1.7. I think CEH will be gone by then. CEH had everything going for him tonight and was great. But he was still outscored by David Johnson, by 0.1 points in PPR, who was not scripted a great game. DJ had 6+ plus worth of points in the passing game. I anticipate CEH having positive game scripts and would consider him in mid first round. I still wouldn't consider David Johnson until late 2nd or early 3rd. However, I have limited faith that CEH is going to be utilized heavily in the passing game. Almost everything was underneath to mid range for Mahomes tonight. And CEH had 2 total targets, both looked like throw aways. And after CEH's extensive use inside the 3; I have lesser faith he'll be used as a goal line back going forward. The obvious counterpoint is that CEH looks to be a bellcow in an elite offense. And may catch 8 passes next week. And I'm overthinking a guy who won't fall to me at 1.7 on Saturday anyway.
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    He only got 2 receiving targets. I'm open to the idea that was just gameflow.
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    CEH looks good. But for an early pick in PPR I'd like a guy who is involved in the passing game. He was certainly used as a goal line RB, but not effectively.
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    If cooper explodes for an big early game, trade him quick
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    Just want crazy production from David Johnson and CEH.
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    Man, it looks good to see people gathered together. The things we take for granted.
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    Watch this be a 16-13 defensive/sloppy/rusty affair. LOL
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    I've always liked that dude
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    Probably Taylor since we know that Mack is the starter for game 1 and then if he starts breaking out you start playing him but the sure bets should be Edelman who newton has grown chemistry with and woods should eat this yr with cooks gone I mean that’s how I see it!!
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    No. Swift was, at minimum, going to be the pass-catching back. If anything this kills Kerryon's value. Actually, though, I think this means a whole lot of nothing. AP is old.
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