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    114 and basically all of them have waivers 9 Dynasty 2 local redraft 1 FFPC satellite 3 FFPC Main events 31 FFPC FBG Championship 35 RTS The Fantasy Championship 1 NFFC Primetime 17 NFFC online championship 15 NFFC Cutline I took a 2 week vacation right before the start of the season and knocked out 52 drafts in 16 days to get to the 114 total. I spent about 10 hours on waivers this week (4 on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday). Waiver Wednesday is by far my least favorite day of the week. It was a pretty cruel first week I might add....I went 3-16 in games decided by less than 4 points.
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    Fyi, Bucs are playing the Panthers, not the Broncos. I like Miller against the Panthers.
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    Any homers out there have information beyond what we know? No practice at all is never a good sign.
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    WRs? Thomas Golladay Chark Edelman Slayton Miller Harry 16 team league
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    With Thomas out Im going Cook which is weird for me because I usually am very weary of starting TEs in FLEX. MT received such a huge target share though so I think its gotta go somewhere..
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    Smart but just realize that you will have to drop someone eventually to get him off ir, but at least you can kick the can down the street for a week.
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    No and heck no. If you want to trade him wait until he continues to get touches, but don't trade him for a backup TE.
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    Stream a TE during your bye week.
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    I talked a fair amount with Jim / Euchre... He's a good dude. He's going to take the year off and return next year. He'll submit no lineup the entire season. Since he plays everyone once, seems pretty fair and a good solution. Since that would give him the 1.01 pick, he came up with the solution of simply picking last in each round. respect. TRANSPARENCY... I don't if Jim is interested in trading, but I'm going to send him some offers. i suggest y'all do the same. While he'll pick last in the first round, the first round picks I'll offer will be wherever they fall. Seems like a good year for Jim to rebuild. Jim, thanks for finding solutions to all the issues. It'll be an honor to beat play against you next season.
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    Trade him to someone who thinks he is a rb1
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    I play in a fantrax league where you can remove rankings....they are worthless always trust yourself not what the projections say. I'm starting jk Dobbins who is projected pretty low but watch...
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    One.of those times we disagree
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    I'd drop Ruggs before Parker.
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    Have to remember ekeler doesn't have Rivers dumping off to him 2 times every drive. Tyrod does not look at throwing to his rb's nearly as much as Rivers
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    I like Fant but he does nothing for your team.
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    For instance, in my 10 man PPR league herndon, jonnu, fant, hockenson, gesicki, thomas, graham are all available. Not sure what your waiver is looking like but there are for sure some good streaming options in there
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    so you want to trade a rising rb you have for depth for a backup te on your team? Its a hard no for me.
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    I would for sure decline. I would want to see what robinson has in store first before selling. Waller is nice too and in a 10 man league im sure you can find a good stream for wallers bye week.
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    PIT defense line is a monster. I would not worry until you see how NYG O-line performs this week.
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    I'd pick up Snell and stash him. There's no chance that Connor stays healthy
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    If anything he's still a viable flex. Unless you can get equal return, stay put.
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    I thought Taylor was the starter now with mack down
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    Ginsberg is dead. 2020 and the dems will now move on to another battle of lies and deceit. I may enjoy this one. The virus will be an after thought come 60 more days. Dallas Stars are in the Stanly Cup Finals. Trump will be King for four more years. Now my question? In the last 4 years what has the man done but try and do good for the country. Its tough to clean a swamp and make anyone happy. He will go down as one of the greatest ever. Woo hoo huddle. Dont be a media sheep. Get on board and enjoy the parade. It in the USA!
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    not crazy but im still playing mahomes
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    conner and williams
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    I like Bernard, then Barber, then Gore, then Hyde.
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    Depends if it’s PPR or not... if it is I’d go Conner & Aiyuk if not Conner & Williams
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    You did good, I think Taylor will be a top 10 rb end of season. Thomas won't even be 100% until after there bye. He does you no good sitting on your bench for half the season when you lost your first week.
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    Somebody is going to over bud for both. People will blow half their budget in werk 1. Prioritize who you want and put in a solid bid for that player. 15 - 20 should give you a chance at either guy. If you really want somebody go 40% - 75%