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    I was thinking that Mahomes and L Jackson's stat lines today were a testament to not drafting a QB early. As were the stat lines of guys like Josh Allen and Minshew.
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    I trade away Aaron Rodgers Devin Singletary and Julian Edelman I get Russell Wilson and Chris Godwin He has Barkley so is looking for RB My other rbs are Joe Mixon Chris Carson David Johnson and Latavius Murray
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    you can also let the other person know that you are talking with other people. It may strengthen the offer you receive back.
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    Unless you are having trouble putting your minimum number of WRs on the field I would stick with Russ and Hunt.
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    With all the injuries happening, you’d manure your pants if Kamara got hurt tonight and dropped Latavius for Freeman.
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    at first glance i would never give up russ this happens to be pretty fair but still hold onto russ/hunt hunt has shown he can coexist with chubb (wont be like this past thurs every week but he should still have a nice role)
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    Same, and I benched James Conner because he was supposedly splitting time with Snell this week.
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    This isn't fantasy, it's real life. He's right where he should be for his caliber of play (i.e. Thielen, Kupp, Landry, etc.)
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    In the early going of the season, the late round QB approach is KILLING ME. Yeah, you can start Tannehill and get similar production but you have to have balls of steel to do it and guess lucky virtually every week. It takes zero brains to pick one of these top-flight QBs and watch them light it up week in and week out. I pay enough attention that I can outdraft my league-mates on value in later rounds. Who cares that I get an extra RB or WR in round 4, 5, or 6 when they just get injured? Just frustrated thinking ahead to the weekly grind at QB.....sigh.
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    You nailed it. This looks and feels of preseason.
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